BEST 6 Pack Abs Workout

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Here is my BEST Ab Workout for 2019 to get a nice SIX pack for the summer!
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Weight Lifting channel focused on bodybuilding, power lifting, and all other things fitness related. My goal is to motivate and inspire people to always progress in everything they do. Bodybuilding is life. In this video you learn how to get a 6 pack for beginners

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Kld says:

You have a 4 pack not a 6 pack.

pmikeymike says:

Great workout buddy! I'm totally looking forward to how lean and jacked you're going to get this year. With all that additional muscle/size, you're going to be a shredded beast!!!

Erix Torres says:

Hi philly nice video brother you are the best brother congratulations I see you in next video brother Kansas love you ……

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