Best 5 Minute Ab and Flat Belly Workout | Natalie Jill

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7 Days to learn the habits to change your life forever!

In THIS video Natalie Jill shows us how to do a 5 minute ab and flat belly workout!
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Quotable from Natalie Jill: “You can use your OWN body weight and NO crunches to get a flat belly and super strong core” @nataliejillfit

Natalie Jill is a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, Functional Fitness Trainer and Weight loss expert. She is also the creator of the best selling 7 Day Jump Start.
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About Natalie: Hi everyone, thank you so much for subscribing to my channel! I share how to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT through un-processing your diet, training functionally and using your own body weight with limited time and busy schedules. Join me weekly here as I share workouts, tips, nutrition help, recipes, and more!

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Watcher says:

What a body

Anshu Singh says:

Thanks Natalie for these exercises.. can't wait to surprise sis at her wedding.. 2 months I have..

Angela Baldauf says:

Holy cow!!! Those are so hard to do. You make it look so easy. 2nd day of trying and I made it through!! Im still breathing hard. Lol

ronnethe berry says:

Yes, yes, it burn. Thx Natalie Jill

Sophia HABEL says:

Natalie you are great

vinita guru says:

pls make a video on how to reduce chest size for women

Rachel says:

I sure felt it, though workout, short but sweet 🙂

Jessica says:

i am a child and I  did it thank you it was a bit challenging but I did it your videos on youtube are good keep making abs videos because they are good        To Natalie Jill xx can you replie back asap

Lee Williams says:

these are excellent. love your workouts

Lily Sweet Potatoes says:

This video is 5:38 seconds long and ends at 5:38 which is 17:38 military time and fetty wap says 1738 so does that mean this video is fetty wap confirmed???

Samera Shah says:

Saw ur wrk out on Google plus….wow i must say u are awesome..wish i could wrkout with u everyday…gosh…wow you are just awesome

Keri Pryce says:

I can't believe how much I felt the burn. This is just what I needed. Do you have a 30 day challenge for an ab & butt workout?

Shannon w says:

where can I find your full 30 day challenge workouts?

smoke rain says:

you kinda look the singer from the metal band "Delain".

great workout though

barefoot brunette says:

Hey! May i know how long it takes for the abs to show if i do this everyday?:):)

Juan Rivera says:

you say you have loose skin but it's barely noticeable. i;m happy hopeful

Danyael Phantom says:

Did anyone do this workout yet ? If so how long for results

Tracy Davis says:

My abs definitely are feeling it!!! My daughter is working out with me on this challenge as well (although a little grumpily) and it is a workout when you do the movements correctly. I am working up to the side plank leg lift currently.

Andrea Damian says:

doing your 30 day challenge. all of it has been so helpful! thank you for sharing 🙂
my abs are feeling it now, i guess i did them wrong before. eek

SquirrelLordess says:

I don't think I'm doing any of these right… I can't feel anything and I can't do the side plank at all! :,(

Melissa Sahagun heathen says:

hey Natalie I'm skinny and I have a really terrible stomach with loose skin because of weight loss 5 years ago I wanted to know how long will it take me to have a stomach like yours if I do this 5 minute workout everyday?

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