Beginner Hanging Abs Workout – Bar Brothers DR

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AT986 - PUBG GAMER says:

It also increase biceps and triceps and legs

dfshyt says:

Should you keep your arms at a slight angle while holding on? Or straight?

Christian Osborne says:

Can you do this everyday


Thnx bro For video
Hey guys check out this

ali minhas says:

when to breath in these exercises

Adam Shuaib says:

Great exercise great video.found hanging exercise a must to complement other exercises.

Alan C. says:

my body sways as i do the knee raises…can you give me tips? thanks good video

Cyrus Ghiai says:

10 knee raises –
10 sec rest –
20 sec bycicle –
10 sec rest –
10 oblique knee raise ( 5 each side ) –
10 sec rest –
20 sec tucked L sit hold

3 SETS 2 minute rest in between

AnTiDotE X says:

Thank alot!

tomzablee says:

Swear this guy blurred out just before he stood normally so we couldn't see that he doesn't have visible abs lol. Good video anyway, thumbs up

Arcuri Sano says:

I like guides from Unflexal . I learned a lot of new workouts practices there

Ayanna Grande says:

I took excellent workouts guide from Unflexal. Just google Unflexal

Marco David Montaño says:

Man, I´m almost dead, nice rutine, this was really helpful. Thanks.

Tricko Tac says:

your channel have material which i really want

sumon Saha says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of bar brothers on my blog at digitalreviews. pw/bar-brothers-review/ Thanks, Aldwin.

Billy Lee says:

Hye man! Did you build your abs by using the bar only? I prefer bar workouts over sit ups/crunches etc

hahaumad says:

It took me 5 months to do ab workouts like this lol

Adi says:

I do swing a lot , can you help me? great video btw! 😀

Jeremy lee says:

Hello bar brothers, U guys r awesome! Can you please tell me how many abs workout should I do each week if I wanna get the results as soon as possible?

Jeremy lee says:

My hand hurts too much when I do this, And I can't hold the bar for a long tIme… But this is definitely a awesome abs workout, keep it up bar brothers!

Deviou5101 says:

do you prefer hanging ab exercises over regular ab exercises on the floor or is it the other way around?

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