Beginner Calisthenics Abs Workout – NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED

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Beginner Calisthenics Abs Workout – NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED

After many requests for beginner calisthenics workouts here is the first part of the beginner calisthenics workout series i am making for you to be able to achieve the fitness and body goals your looking to gain and sustain through calisthenics ONLY!

These are the type of workouts that i began with calisthenics almost a year ago when i begun my calisthenics journey after being a cyclist and runner for many years who was 60kg’s in weight, i looked very skinny, frail with a lot of muscle atrophy.

Since then i have managed to gain over 10kg of muscle whilst keeping a constant body fat percentage of around 8% on a whole foods plant based vegan diet combined with daily intermittent fasting aka the 16/8 intermittent fasting method or one meal a day (Omad diet).

So if you follow my advice with training, diet and intermittent fasting in the many videos i have on these topics then you too can achieve a shredded muscular physique like myself but remember its not a quick fix, it takes time but as long as you never give up, keep pushing forward in the end you will succeed.

So stay strong warrior and push through the pain because without pain there is no gains.

Beginner Calisthenics Abs Workout – NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED

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Aldea Iulian says:

The exercise that you do at 3:59 for wich group of mouscle it is

XcB XcB_Strikez says:

Lmao. What are those?!

XVR2 says:

Do I need to diet for this

Nik 34 says:

FYI: If you plank dont put your hands together, by having 3 points instead of 2 you dont have to keep the balance and its easier. to ncrease dificulty dont do that :*

Xiderator says:

Where can I learn more about how to diet properly? What if I want to make a diet based on groceries without supplements, is that going to be effective?

tolga damar says:

Hey guys and danny 😀 quick question . So my back hurts more than my abs when i do plank . Is it normal . I m sure that my form is good .

Asim Mughal says:

Really like this channel. I wonder just a question, how do you keep the fast going in the day? What is the motivation for you apart from the health and good food you get. Those are priority but still what keeps you going strong. most appreciated.

amazing calasthenics workout says:

Bro I subscribed your channel
Please you also subscribe click here #bodybuildingvscalasthenics

Danny Jones says:

hi. you didnt say what you are doing here. are you doing one minute on one minute off or a particular number of repititions with these exercises? thanks

Michael Rynne says:

Great 👍 thanks😊🙏

Filipe Bueno says:

I'll do this workout too and nice shoes man!

Fabian W says:

Great Video! Thanks for these exercises.

Frenchblue8 says:

Exactly what I need~4 pregnancies don't do any gal's abs any favors,. Lol.
And I can DO this!! You gotta start somewhere, right?!😘💪🏋💞🌱

Aloha Whiney says:

This is wonderdully painful. I am grateful no neighbors called an ambulance "ole lady down" 😀 I am determined this will b as easy for me as it looks for U. TY for those motivational smiles embedded = motivation to me !! Shakka bra 💪

Jaden Pan says:

Hey Danny! Love seeing a vegan athlete! Thank you for outlining your meals. You mention in a few videos that you only work out 3 days/week with a focus on upper, lower, and abs each day. Could you outline your workouts for us? This ab one looks KILLER!

Calistenia Workout OFFICIAL says:

How long have you been vegan? ..thanks for sharing the core routine . I liked your channel a lot and I will continue and I would like you to join us as well and share knowledge. take care see u . Calistenia Workout.

Filmilen Fitness says:

You have good abs but you need to work on your leg muscles

Sharon Hole says:

ALSO those trainers are friggin ACE….. Are they predominately for pick climbing 🤔🤔🤗

Sharon Hole says:

Alright Danny😉
So would you say this is good for women too 🤔🤔

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