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Ms_Smart_Ass2018 says:

I'm trying this out tomorrow

I see says:

Thank you! 🙂

Noelle Noble says:

“Workout DEMOSTRATION” lol

Victoria Jones says:

How often in a week should we do these exercises? And will we still continue see progress after repeating this same workout for six weeks in a row or do we need to switch it up?

Risha W says:

I Just added this to my playlist ,going to follow along at the gym. I can use the extra motivation i b tired from working the graveyard shift

TWisY says:

quality of your videos are on point man looks mad professional good to see you still on the grind its motivating👊 you guna be bustin out that yamaha i see you buy a while back this summer?!

felicia watson says:

Your Mother , did a great 👍🏾 job in Raising you , Handsome young man

Reese C says:

Listen I did the first exercise and I was done 😩😩😩 good stuff!!

Vanilla Kiss says:

You look a little sad.. hope everything is all right 🙂 good video

Michelle Cordero says:

Wtfudge I so need to continue going to the gym n working out. This workout kicked my butt 😓

Tara Flores says:

Is stomach cramps normal after working out stomach n how many times do I do it

jacquie1294 says:

How often do I do this?

CORTney's World says:

I tried to be like you and do this on the hardwood floor…fail! You're a man of steel, I had to get the yoga mat 😂

Lisa W. says:

Really enjoyed the video my abs are definitely burning 🥵

NYLA Drummond says:


Adaobi Aguluka says:

How many times in a week does one incorporate dese abs exercises

Gabriella Gulyás says:

I love your content!!! these abs routines alwayyys killing me, sore guaranteed!!🔥🔥

Voss f says:

Im der doing this in my office!

Blessed Ndhlovu says:

I know this is ab related but the view your shoulders during the "mountain climb" hath blessed me 🙈😁🙃😌😌

Carmymouff :3 says:

I had to go back to the beginning of the video a few times. I couldn't focus. You too fine. But I will try these when I get home.

Dee Bryant says:

Thanks Love very good video!❤👍🏾

lala Fever says:

Tried All These Workout And My My My It burnin It burnin 😫😫😫😫

Edith Diaz says:

Could you make a video regarding women who gave birth, and that are left with a belly, but can't do crunches because of diastasis recti ? 🙏

trey s says:

Omg…I hurt…lol

Connie Sison says:

Love your workouts!!!

Connie Sison says:

Ouch! Hurts!!!! Though it hurts but it has a beautiful result 😉

Emmily Luciano says:

Thank you very much!

I needed this long time ago!!

I have seen results
Greetings from Mexico! :3 <3

Clary Tessa Emma Fairchild Grey Carstairs says:

Ain't it weird I just finished working out 2 hrs ago and then I put on my WiFi connection and see this …. now you'll know this has to be in my workout for tomorrow!!💪💪

J J says:

Thank youuu! I just did my first work out with you, thanks for the demo, sooo intense but loved it..x

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