Afrobeats Dance Workout – Exercise for Flat Stomach

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Dance Yourself Into Shape with this 25 minutes Belly Fat Burning Dance HIIT Workout. This one is definitely a killer and will get your heart raising.

Full workout mix:


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Elizabeth Baxter says:

Please come back to making these. I'm seeing resluta

carol mungai says:

Good, tough workout. I've thoroughly enjoyed thanks my coach.

janet ngare says:

I have enjoyed this workout totally! new mum of a 2month old baby and I was having such a hard time finding an enjoyable workout till today! i found you!! I had so much fun! Thank you so much.. much love from Kenya!

Princess Diaries and healing says:

You do so much for us! Thank you for all you do! <3 <3

Kai Ananou says:

Nice workout moves I love it!

karim02020 karim says:

destinated to womens only or housewife

Judy b says:

Great workout, love from Canada

Lisa New says:

I really like this video. This is the 2nd one I tried. It’s tough but you make it fun! Booty and arms get quite sore, but you don’t notice until the next day. That’s cool though cuz I’ma be poppin! You get a sistah drenched! 😅💙🙌🏽

Dee Makeup Lover says:

Your workouts are the BEST! I feel so good without feeling like working out is a drag. THANK YOU!

Mari Tes says:

Omg . this is the best cardio workout ever. Thank you!!!

GYM-LIGHT avec Coach René -Bamako says:

Good music for dance workout. Can you please send mi de link of this music mix ?

oluwakemi adebayo says:

I hhhaaaadddd ssssoooooo mmmmuuuuccchhhh fffuuuunnnn!!! I love this workout!!!

Victoria Opara says:

Well done  you!!! This has been a long time coming, I really hope you achieve great success, my sister has just told me about your afrobeats workouts, I will be doing them from now on!!! I love your energy, keep it up!

Evie Bee says:

Even better than challenge 1,2 & 3. It's awesomesauce ! Thank you for sharing this.

Karen Carvajal says:

love your videos, fave way to do cardio

Champagne Gold says:

Loved this workout.

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