Aerobic – 8 minute Abs (workout fitness)

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Aerobic – 8 minute Abs(workout fitness)

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Mary maRysia says:

i love this guy

Odaya Buta says:

Omg!!! 8 mins 😅

Sensei Shakil 'Shak Attack' Miah says:

This is actually quite good

Grace Nombe says:

still using in 2019 👌🏾🤗 and it works fast 💖💛 to see the result

Sarah Simone Åbacka says:

this is golden.

heartslight1000 says:

Did this when I graduated 7th grade. Great times!

Nonofya Business says:

This helps me defecate 🙂

MegaBylon says:

Even in 2018, that music still makes my abs tremble in fear.

Romeu021 says:

lol the cheesy 80's porn music

screw mane says:

Monday July 16th 2018. I weigh 187. Will come back in a month.

ZephyrPhotography says:

"last 30 seconds" one second later "10 more seconds" i dont think he knows his time

Devi Samlall says:

How to break your neck in 8mins

Mike K says:

Great workout

skepticbb93 says:

LOL! I've been in a relationship with this guy that's outlasted every girlfriend I've ever had.

Mike Turk says:

Lookinț good.

Antonio Locco says:

This video was the reason why I got my abs in the first place back in 2010 😂

Amanda Moore says:

I"m so glad I found this! My mom and I use to do this back in 2000! It worked then and it works now!

Strixs says:


H.K81 says:

Dreckiger Bastard xD, nice and easy… scheiße brennt mir der Bauch^^

Andrew Omkaar says:

Push push push there you go lol hehe its an awesome exercise tho great results in 3 weeks 🙂

polynesianpuppet says:

i hate it when he says "I'll see you in 24 hours"

rosewritepoems says:

what his name ?

Carly Gussert says:

does he live in nyc? does he want to grab dinner?

Andrew says:

I still do these on VHS, but came here to comment. They’re still a great way to get in shape with the basics if you haven’t worked out for a good while. I do one or two if I still don’t feel a burn after a p90x workout or after kick boxing class.

YoursTrolly says:

Day 4 and I already want to kill myself

Autumn Spring says:

I wonder where this guy is today and if he still has muscles left.

emanabdel_30 says:

When I hold it at the end it kinda strains my neck a little bit

Ari Montasser says:

24 years later, I'm still using this.

becky says:

I did this everyday for 2 weeks and lost 13 pounds lmao

MR. Apple attack says:

So does this work

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