Advanced Ab Exercises for Men & Women (with & without equipment)

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Here are advanced ab exercises for both men and women with & without equipment. If you’re looking for some new movements for your core and ab workouts, I’m sure there are a few in this video you’re not currently doing! There are 100 different ways to effectively work your abs and core without doing a single crunch or sit up. Many of these advanced ab exercises are moves that require some equipment or a gym membership. But there are several movements at the end that you can do AT HOME with ZERO equipment to help you get a harder core so be sure to check those out!

Do these exercises consistently in your workouts while also cleaning up your diet to really flatten your belly while strengthening those DEEP ab muscles that crunches and sit ups don’t work very well.

If you’re a beginner, be smart, start slowly and make steady progress…over time you can begin adding on reps, time, resistance or sets to make these exercises even harder.

Why Crunches & Sit Ups DAMAGE Your Spine

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Colin says:

Awesome…no fake boobs no butt implants just the result of hard work and dedication. Not an indictment of those who like enhancements, just stating my preference.

Isagani Lista says:

Thanks….she so beutiful….

kikt kikt says:

What are the straps called and where can I get them

Sonia Khera says:

Awsome video, how many ab exercises to do at one time,
As you said three times a week , what should be the flow every time we do it.

Daniel Gedutis says:

What I really like, is the tempo at which she does the workouts. I used to fly through exercises(probably bcz of lack of stability and strength), but I definitely want to get used to slowing down the tempo on some of these workouts, to get greater muscle contraction.
Sarah is a beast!

Annika Lemas Ramos says:

Wow she’s so masculine – but in a good way!

V N says:

She is so cute!!!

Vick Vick says:

Dang i got hungry watching this, as if i've been exercising lol

RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog) says:

I was looking for a flaw in Sarah.
She is flawless.

Aneta Nicoleta Anghel says:

Really nice!

vagaboN51 says:

she isn't that muscular but when she's doing the exercises she's got great definition in her arms. great physic.

Philip Zanoni says:

This is depressing ..
that want to be coach is so low energy that I feel bad for that girl… she needs to get away from him and get with somebody a lot more spunky and motivated in life

Didi Dodi says:

Super!!! Very nice!!!

Night's King says:

Ab wheel is all wrong.

Night's King says:

6 days a week and who is tired after a workout come on now.

Dance Fever says:

she needs to work on her bum it's to flat

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