Activating Your Lower Abs | Overtime Athletes

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Activating Your Lower Abs | Overtime Athletes

Overtime Athletes

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Kadafi yaki says:

Another brilliant video

darshit malaviya says:

Its transverse abdominis btw

Michal Toth says:

How often should I do??

Bonnie Hinsley says:

Chris explains the details of this movement perfectly! Very helpful advice and technique described perfectly in this video. Thank you Chris!

Chloe Kayne says:

Phuck yes! Thank you

nathan ellison says:

Cant target your lower abs lol. And lifting and lowering your legs is just working your hip flexors even more. Do crunches, planks, side planks, chop patterns with anti rotation. All these work your abs without incorporating your hip flexors

R. B. says:


cfreemful says:

Please post this without your shirt on…that way you're demonstrating that lower abdominal movement.

Michael Rae says:

Ok there's a lower abdominal move what about upper?thanks bro.

StreetHypnosisOz says:

The shoes in this video are not romaleos

ZimZombi says:

this drill sounds like living hell

Galapagos Finch says:

He gives Jesus all the glory… lol

TheJgshbg says:

Love your vids man

TheAbStand says:

Great exercises and insight into targeting one of the hardest areas of the midsection to reach.

Check out our channel when you get the chance!

david cronin says:

How do you get that nate Robinson density and power

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