Absolute Beginner Abs – ONLY 8 Minutes

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This beginner ab workout is for absolute beginners. If you have never worked out or have not worked out in a while this is for you. Please comment below and let me know if it is too easy or too hard!

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gongligo says:

I just bought a medicine ball and found your videos. I’m so glad I did. You explain it very simple and encourage the viewer to do these exercises. I’m looking forward to watching your other videos once I graduate to the next level,. For now, I remain a beginner.

Anna Lisa says:

Amazing. So positive and you explain things so clearly. I often forget to squeeze my glutes during a plank. And using the example a of a string pulling the heart up during the crunch is a great way to remind people not to use their neck. And for beginners, these are common mistakes. Thanks Dave.

KT Kao says:

I can't do the Elevated Crunch one Rep, even though I was exhausted for contracting my abs ;/
But the other workouts are useful!

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