ABS WORKOUT – Workout at Home | Episode 8 – LOWER ABS | 5 min workout

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This Workout At Home series is specially designed for those who want to stay fit but are too busy to go to a gym. Workout at Home is without equipment and an ideal program for beginners. Both men and women can benefit from it.


–15 MINUTES ONLY – Experts confirm that 15 minutes of workout everyday is enough to stay fit provided we eat clean.
— BODY IS EQUIPMENT – Even though you do not have fancy machines but your own body can provide you so much resistance.One can even use the home equipment.
— PRIVACY – You can wear whatever you feel like, listen to loud music and also practice your killer dance moves 😀
— SAVES TIME – No matter what, workout at home will save your precious time. And time is money.
— SAVES MONEY – You do not have to regret that you had paid the gym monthly fees but have not utilized it to full extent.


– Take out just 15 minutes from your busy schedule and dedicate it to your body. It deserves to be fit.
– Turn on your favorite music if you need a little push and start working out.
– Keep a water bottle and a hand towel along.
– Keep sipping water in between the sets. It’s important
– Give your best by maintaining a strong muscle mind connection. Focus is the key.

FITNESS is anyway achieved in the kitchen, so make sure you EAT CLEAN.

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LOWER ABS WORKOUT AT HOME (Total workout time – 5 Minutes)

1. Leg Roll Overs
2. Reverse Crunches
3. Leg Raises
4. Leg Raise Holds
5. Low Flutter kicks
6. Plank

Note: Take no or little rest. However, you can stop in between if need to and then start again. 🙂

You may not follow the same routine always. You can tweak the order and number of sets etc of the above exercises.

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Thanks for your time. 🙂

– Fit Tuber

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g Lyrics says:

Hey Vivek… many people hame come jg ere from Quora but I had found your video suddenly one day on utube… and talking about your workouts… its way easy than the other out there… at first it seemed a bit tough but as I passed 1 month… things went my way and now I really enjoy the results… (I'm more fit than I'm was earlier….) 🙂 🙂

PK says:

Hi Vivek, Can we take protein in between of exercise ?


How many days do in a week

Rama Krishna says:

Hi sir i like and watch all videos sir i want six pack workuts

Itz Deep says:

It put stress in my spine!

Shashi Sharma says:

Bro plzz plzz a solution for knock knees plzzz
Iam waiting for u

Shashi Sharma says:

Bro plzz plzz a solution for knock knees plzzz
Iam waiting for u

vaseem tyagi says:

Daily kar sakte hai kya?

Vishal singh says:

Leg roll overs exarsice kitne min krna hai

sparshnagwani50 says:

Really bro its burning 🔥

Killer workout

Love it😄

SANDEEP.T Thanikandy says:

Bro can we do both lower and upper excerice in a weak (for abs)

Smartphone Hack says:

thanks bro its burning very badly

Peace Lover says:

Thanks for this video bade bhai

Apu Nath says:

Bro u r amazing.

Mariyam mf says:

It's burning alredy..dont gve up ..waw…gd inspiratn

Mariyam mf says:

Haha luvd the tagline ..comon lets do it tgthr


Am a new subscriber of yurs Vivek. Yu are on point & So honest maahn 😄

Info Gen says:

Hi vivek..are u a certified nutrician plus fitness trainer or you learning informations from web??..!!

Sumedh Sadaphal says:

Hey hi.. I love ur videos.. I have a medium sized belly.. By doing these exercises in the morning will it help me in reducing fat in my belly and building abs.. And if so how many days will it take me..

Samiksha jain says:

@FitTuber pls rply sir
what if i put hands below back during leg raises and full leg pull?

prem kiran says:

Love Handles workouts, please !!

SakthiArun Muthukumaran says:

I liked all ur videos, if my workout is on morning what to do

Sudhanshu Kumar says:

after doing this my thigh is paining. why?

Ajay Simon says:

Longest 5 min of my life

David Chen says:


Prateek Negi says:

quora become famous because of him. his content is not too technical to understand but of great help. very good working and recipes. tried and worked for me. thanks brother.

hemalata rath says:

small suggestion vivek if u add ur voice in the video of count n rest shifting to next exercise we can do just listening to it..just like tiffany rothes workouts.. ur videos are very very helpful if u add this we can do along with you

Sampada Khot says:

Hi… Very useful videos… Can you please suggest some standing abs work out

puja anand says:

sir ur workout is too gud as easy n but I m not able to loose my weight .I want a proper exercise which will help for same…

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