Abs workout how to have six pack – Level 5

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Guys i know i promised to create this LONG time ago so here it is. It had to be made faster since it was too long and i find it impossible to finish:) if you can do it you have some serious muscles (o:

FAQ: do it once per two days, and try to do a lot of cardio if you want to loose weight. you WILL NOT loose weight just from working out. it is more about diet (low fat/sugar) and more cardio (running, football – anything that takes more than 25 minutes). Good luck and enjoy

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Bijoux Royal says:

I think you(p4p)are joking😎

io choi says:

어유..예나 지금이나 널 언제 이겨보냐..

Mikel says:

Este canal no es oficial no? vamos que sólo se le añaden más repeticiones pero nadie te asegura nada…

jcmick84 says:

This is just level 2, but sped up LOL

Rajeev Harsha says:

Where is 6th level bro

EC Marquez says:

more class in your comment guys ! it's for you health !

C A R L O S says:

This is level 2 but speed up

Kluster S. says:

Thxs a lot for this @jrsjrsjrs1, now guys QUESTION: for how many weeks/months do you stay on this level (seen also that I train my abs 3 times a week) ? It's been like 4 months that I'm doing P4P abs exs, and I see no 6 pack at all (I'm thin) :-/

Davey Striper says:

Do i hear; " You used to call me on my cellphone" ?

Mikey Wade says:

I've done this for about 5 months everday now and got abs but they don't comepletly show till I do the excersize again but I have seen results so should I have a rest day

toontownmikey says:

thx alot 🙂

Kunduz_B says:

My neck hurts after this. It is ok?

Frizu says:

its good for beginners?

nadav4you says:

so hard.. but the results tho!

serkan gider says:

I have done 3 weer or 5 week and I have second level HERNIATED DISK problem . Please anybody never do it.
You should listen Dr Stuard Mc Gill.

Ben 3-5 hafta yaptım 2. seviye bel fitigim var. Sakın yapmayin. Ağır Saglam yazin Furkan diye bi kardesin hareketleri var. Dr Stuard Mc Gill diye bi prf var bel omurga sistemi üzerine cok kafa yormuş. onun hareketlerini anlatiyor.Onu deneyin

sillman10 says:

this is a great resource, but the count is slightly too fast, especially on #2 and #5.

Not Bruce Wayne says:

What's next 1000000000000 X arm crunches

shaun concepcion says:

does anybody else's jaw cramp up? esp if u do this x2

Fatima Ali says:

Guys try this! I just figure this exercise and my lord it does ur lower abs justice. lie down and position yourself at a 90 degree angle, so your legs are up in the air and you are on your back. put ur hands behind your ears as u are about to do sit ups! now cross over forward towards the left than right buy keeping ur legs up straight! do this 50 times and feel the burn! enjoy

Nermine Šoipi says:

those are p4p videos there are only 3 levels

Melk Silva says:

Completar esse circuito é quase impossível… :/

Jim C says:

This is a GREAT video, but KEEP IN MIND viewers, you must target the abs. I'd RECOMMEND keeping hands behind head to REDUCE NECK PAIN and TARGET ABS. Great set dude, and be careful viewers!

Derick Galleros says:

So do this every second day?

HENG David says:

you can SOMEONE be kind enough to answer this:D , there are 5levels so 1week for 1 level? 😀

kinkakuji1 says:

1ère séance

Shouq says:

where is level 6 😧

iam champ says:

it looks like level 2

Ainox says:

do this workout for few months all the days… finally I get abs

Juan Navarro says:

no sea copion

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