Abs workout how to have six pack – Level 3

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Just FYI: I recently asked the organization that made the previous 2 levels to make level 3 of this great exercise but i was ignored several times, so i decided to make it myself. Of course the quality is not as high as it would have been if they made it, but it serves the purpose perfectly, so get down and do some workout on your ABs:) hope you guys enjoy it and have as good results as i do.

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Usha Dwivedi says:

I like exercise

浩瀚夢幻 says:

Why this video have advertisement?😑

浩瀚夢幻 says:


Hafizul Arsyad says:

whats apps this? i want to download it

yair plays says:

מה זה זה בוזזז

GOAT says:


Ali Benazzouz says:

guy please im 13 years old i need to do this workout every day or what ?

janis malnieks says:

its level 3 in level 2 do 40 times in this 50

sarah oorschiot says:

how many times you have to do this training?

Ichigo Kurosaki says:

super hard 

hammouda flavio says:

this is leve 2 man!!

slayerdude76 says:

this is level 2 !  

Marisa Lee says:

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DeLorean says:

23.2 – 13.4:
-2 cm waist circumference
-4 cm buttocks circuit


thanks you for results <3 now i have six packk by this amaizng video love you so much

ruma lama says:

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Bala Aditya says:

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ニャンちゃんNyan says:

Your last name sucks

ニャンちゃんNyan says:

lol stop running ok.. i runned 12 miles a day and fuck i was stupid that i even tried to get six pack when i runned like shit now i quited and now i have very visible 8 pac just eat alot train alot much fish,meat .

cuvfa says:

You are correct. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

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Janoskians Bieber says:

Dumb ppl its level 3 it's just level 2 edited which makes level 3

Jasim Uddin says:

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Pradeep Peteti says:

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Ashish Keshari says:

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Tudor Georgescu says:

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LeRRuby says:

This is level 2!

Mikkel Andersen says:

Dietry is important too. dont blame others, that is what cowards do.

og8997889 says:

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Pontus ignell says:

eat healthy food

rajdwip kabiraj says:

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