Abs workout how to have six pack – Level 2

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http://tiny.cc/flatabs Abs workout how to have six pack: 8 min abs workout level 2. Finally ready the best workout to get perfect abs and flat stomach. 8 Minutes Abs Workout – Level 2 The application is finally available on iTunes Market! Download it now and begin training wherever you want, how you want and whenever you want! http://tiny.cc/flatabs

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xRealxGooldzZ- awnl TTG says:

You abds 2018??

serkan gider says:

I have done 3 weer or 5 week and I have second level HERNIATED DISK problem . Please anybody never do it.
You should listen Dr Stuard Mc Gill.

Ben 3-5 hafta yaptım 2. seviye bel fitigim var. Sakın yapmayin. Ağır Saglam yazin Furkan diye bi kardesin hareketleri var. Dr Stuard Mc Gill diye bi prf var bel omurga sistemi üzerine cok kafa yormuş. onun hareketlerini anlatiyor.Onu deneyin

Zani mations says:


Munish Bansal says:

same exercises as in level 2 but in different order and 15 second rest in between

Tomáš Horáček says:

After few repetitions of this vid and suddenly "1,2" counting turns into "f*#ck you" shouting…

Barlie Chird says:

The struggle of waiting for that 40 mark to come after 30

Mateusz Kaczorowski says:

How long I must practice? 🙂 What you prefer to get some effects 😀

iam champ says:

thank you this is so very effective

43 Tyler 34 says:

Hi abs, what should i eat when i work out, do i have to go in diet or trust eat what ever i like??, thank you :d

Crazy vRICOv says:

Zaje*iste Cwiczenia 🙂 Polecam bo efekty są, pozdro 🙂

Beatrice Calvert says:

This is so weird😂

Henry Sandman says:

Are your feet supposed to touch the ground in the third excersise?

Damix says:

Why when I'm doing the fifth exercise, in my belly shakes water? Even if I did not drink water for 3-4 hours

Norm55 says:

level 2 after 2 weeks of level 1

annn says:

StealerPL i inni nie robimy żadnych ćwiczen codziennie! Mięśnie muszą mieć czas na zregenerowanie sie, no i my sami po prostu na odpoczynek. To sa ciezkie cwiczenia, robcie je np raz dziennie 5x w tygodniu. Gwarantuje ze sa efekty widoczne bardzo szybko. Trzeba tez pamietac ze cwiczenia te wykonujemy na juz ROZGRZANE miesnie. Wazna jest tez odpowiednia dieta, bez tego widocznych efektow nie bedzie bo zakryje je tluszczyk 😛

Robert Heather Dickins says:

do these get results?

B R Meena says:

This is good Exercise  

lalazify says:

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koziolHzondzi says:

wie ktos ile razy w tygodniu najlepiej robic to cwiczenie ?

bhupa raj khanal says:

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udara075 says:

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Suranga Lakmal says:

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