Abs Exercises for Women (8 AB-SOLUTE BEST!!)

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All the best abs exercises for women in our full 90 day program

This core workout contains 8 abs exercises for women. It will help you get a great oblique workout as well as an abs workout. In our minds, these are the 8 best ab exercises for women. You may find this womens ab workout quite challenging, but you can work up to being able to do all of these ab exercises.

Shoot for 10-12 reps or 1 minute of each of these ab or oblique exercises. Try to do the entire at home abs workout 3 times through. You can take a short amount of rest after the first 4 abs exercises, maybe about 30 seconds, or you can take 10 seconds of rest between each of the core exercises.

Here are the 8 best ab exercises for women:

1) Pendulum – In plank position pendulum your legs from side to side

2) Mountain Climber – In plank position run your legs toward your stomach flexing your core muscles

3) Kick Up to Kick Out – Killer obliques exercise

4) Twisted Scorpion – Challenges the abs

5) X Ups – This abs exercise works the entire core in opposite planes

6) V Ups – Very challenging and very effective core exercise

7) Side V Up – This version of the V is one of the best obliques exercises

8) Half Turkish Sit Up – Adding weight to your ab workout helps define the 6 pack

I hope you enjoyed this ab workout for women and tried some exercises you’d never seen before. For more great core workouts that really challenge the abs and obliques, check out our 90 day Athlean-XX for Women fitness and nutrition system.

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jane smith says:

how many times a week could i do this i really want to be able to do this and take the rest after 4 workouts then continue with the rest of the four is it safe to do 4 r 5 times a week thank you 🙂

Lady Marshmallow says:

Really liked these abs exercises.. thank u 🙏😚😘

Jardone Sam says:

kids use the abs all the time thats why anything they do is fun to them plus the get a good workout always jumping around having fun as a society we forgot how to have fun that van build abs like crazy just saying

Mariyam Khan says:

maximum how many days or weeks will it take to come with the abs?

Annette Eliza says:

Great workout!! My abs are on fire!!! Thanks Susan!! 🙂

Heena Bachheta says:

Susan Love your home workouts. Absolutely fun

AliDu says:

Oooh! Nice ab drill Susan!  Most of these are definitely ab exercises I've NOT tried before. Favorited! Liked! Shared! And pegged for tomorrow!  eXXcellent! Gracias!! 🙂

Chesed Kelvin Su says:

This is a fantastic workout! I did 1 min of each exercise except for the last one, which was done for 12 reps on each side, and I allowed myself only a transition rest. This is perfect for recovery day and a worthy challenge for one who is seeking variety apart from the 6 Pack Promise app. 

Anna Kalenyuk says:

How many of each need to do for beginner level to burn some fat ?

Milka Namina says:

U look amazing, perfect abs

Kay Will says:

as soon as i put baby to sleep, i will give these exercises a try!! question, do you all help with bikini competition prep?

Lisa Ickes says:

How many reps or seconds per exercise?

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