Abbi Kianpour | AMAZING ABS | Ripped Natural Girl Workout

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Model – Abbi Kianpour, great pecs and abs, incredible figure! SHe is also a great singer 🙂
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Алекс Симак says:

Милаха!! :*

James Timm says:

Great program hope all is well stay strong

Иван Димитров says:


David Carbone says:

spectacular abs, thick bulging biceps and nice pecs and delts and pretty smile

Lost_In_Blank says:

Abbi is really really beautiful. The perfect woman. Not just her muscles, you can see it in how she moves and smiles, her hair and her face.

Silvia Pozega says:

predivne mišiće imaš

David Jean says:


Iván Melkovich says:

Outstanding beauty


Abbi, Baby. 😋😋

Torger S says:

Nice abbs''👍👍👍👍

Steve Hunt says:

WOWZEERS 😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😲😲😲😲😲🤣😲

Belly Dance Belly Dance says:

I do not know what will happen if someone tries to bother her!!!

Bruna Michele says:


RomVlad says:

Where has she been all my life.. She is stunning!

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