AB Wheel Exercises for Beginners

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If you’re a beginner or never used an ab wheel for developing stronger abs, here are the ab wheel exercises you need to start with.

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KatariaGujjar says:

I've been lifting for 2 years, got decent gainz, mass, definition, etc. I weigh ~176lbs, male, 180cm. Didn't do abs much except weighted crunches and leg/knee ups.
I bought this ab roller several months ago and realized I cant even do one… wtf? Please help.
Btw, I can do it on the knees not on toes.

Maureen Kelm says:

Wow! That is a strong core! You do that roller with ease, which is it Not!! Thanks for showing proper form, because that’s key for using this roller!!

Annie Rioux says:

It looks difficult to do but very efficient

Out and About says:

Planks are useless and your body was to curved on your roll out position


That body's banging man

E K says:

How come you got no six pack?

Timothy G says:

Dat bod. Goals!

Hassan Nahim says:

Thank you Brian you are great

Debbie Mcleod says:

i can get this wheel ab exercise right , my butt is in the air the whole time!

Dino Dino says:

thank you, i was just doing it wrong..

Ahmad Reshad Bakhtiary says:

I am 16 can I use ab roller

Saurabh Sinha says:

how long it takes to flat stomach I have started using it it has been 4 days kindly let me know

Ben Ho says:

How do I avoid shoulder pain while using the AB Wheel?

pepsi666 says:

I don't know if I will ever get a reply for this, but here goesI have an Abdominal aortic aneurysm  and I'd like to know if I can do this without killing myself ?Its an exercise I used to do years ago, but I went off travelling the world for 5 years, now I'm back and I need to get back into shape I know O is a shape, but its not the one I want)Drop me a line if you can let me know 🙂

Best Vidz says:

Thanks alot 👍

Andrew Lafite says:

Any luck finding out about diastasis recti

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