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Ab Rocket

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CHR says:

This is device for retarded people who can't do bodyweight exercises

Whith Out says:

Trash, Garbage

Whith Out says:

No sirven los resortes

Jan Anthony Domantay says:

The one guy in there is me in chorus.

Saadoon Aldossari says:

I missed the black plastic roll under the springs so where can I find it ?

Kim Candelario says:

how much caloriesis burned after the exercise? tnx

Veronica says:

I had something similar 15 years ago. I got great abs from using it. No joke.

George Adamskee says:

there is one in my gym in our tiny building. piece of crap, made cheap, broken bars on the back. save your money.

Silvia Ojeda says:

Does anybody know for how long the beginner class needs to be done in order to start the intermediate class and so on? 2 weeks? One month? Thanks beforehand.

dirty beaner says:

wtf my mom bought me this

николай лещев says:

Классный аппарат!!!

Abbey Roberts says:

Id like to see fat people do it first before im un convinced

sincity skater says:

Aw shit I felt it

M Khidhir Ahmad says:

Cant believe that my mum bought this shit…

Dreia B says:


Thanks Ashley!  I only began doing this for a short time.  And, to tell you the truth, I've had this equipment for over 5 years (new in its box)!  Took it out and began doing the routines twice to four times a week (for about a month).  Lost inches on the waist and hips.  AND I HAVE LOST WEIGHT, too!  : )

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