9 Mins To Flat Abs

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If you want to have a flat abs by doing just 9 minutes of exercises at home, then this workout is for you!

9 Minutes straight of abdominal and full-body cardio exercises will help you get a flat stomach and burn belly fat at home.

This is a short workout so please try to finish it all, without skipping it or rushing ahead. And remember to do it everyday if you want to see results!

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Here’s the entire workout:
Cross Crunches x 16
Rest 20 sec
Knee Tuck Crunches x 12
Rest 20 sec
Single Leg Jacknife x 12
Rest 25 sec
Plank Jacks x 20
Rest 25 sec
Leg Drops x 12
Rest 25 sec
Plank x 15
Rest 25 sec
Slow Burpees x 10
Rest 20 sec
Cross Crunches x 10
Rest 15 sec
Knee Tuck Crunches x 10

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Ana happy says:

First January 2019! Done! 😰

Nisha Nayar says:

Your exice very good my daughter and I follow it 30 minutes in the morning .first 3_4 days we feel pain in the body now fine and give good result.tku so much

Yousuf Shaikh says:

Masha Allaha Ap k sabhi exosize best hoti h. House wife Hu. To jayda tr skip ho jaati h

Suphathip Boothrphrom says:

good for excersise.i do it no rest time 555

This Girl Playz says:

I really think that you have helped me out a lot, and thanks! ❤
But I was just wondering when is the best time to workout? Daytime or nighttime? Thanks again for all your help and I hope you reply.

Chamma Ommy says:

I've been practicing your workouts these past three weeks and am glad I've seen the changes already, my belly have become tummy, thanks Roberta..i really love your channel and your workouts helps a lot…thumb up!

Peter Chileshe says:

Good Stuff Roberta as always ..keep it up…I use your channel to work out all the time simple and straight forward

Zabaida Mir says:

Thank you for this! But plz as I requested before standing abs exercises 😁💖

tello tello says:

Excelente rutina.. Roberta. A darleeee para quemar.😍💖👍💪

Sebastian Louis says:

Challenge accepted.. from
Today only.. I have to reduce my weight
Whatever the situation.. this giving myself.. New year gift to me only😠😠😠

Arwaaz Khan says:

pls muje bataye mera wait 87 h diet kaisey kru pls repley dey

Mona Vicky says:

First and i daily do these ex …love ur channel

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