9 Min Crunches For A Flat Stomach

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Crunches are one of the most effective exercises to do at home if you want to have a flat stomach fast.

That’s because they directly work the abdominal muscles, making them toner, stronger and more defined. In the process, your body will also burn fat from your body, in order to provide energy for your muscles.

This combination of leaner abs muscles and body fat burn will work together to give you a flat stomach in the long run, if you exercise everyday.

Today’s video workout is a 9-min crunches session, which includes multiple variations of the classic Crunch, as well as a few other effective abs exercises.

So start exercising everyday with this workout if you want to get a flat belly – it’s just 9 minutes a day!

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Let’s begin the training!💪❤️

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Skylines Kpop says:

hi, can you guys make a 200 crunches video?

iiUniqu e says:

This was fun 😀

Esha Trikha says:

Completed thanks

Eesha Patwal says:

I have same shoes like her

Eesha Patwal says:

Aise hi same shoes mere pass hai …

mbazira merah says:

Hope it works

Eunice N says:

If I start today after how long should I see the results?

Esha Trikha says:

Done Roberta! Many thanks 😍

maroofa ahmed says:

from today at night i will start this exercises.everyday day in the morning i am doing 30 days plank challenge.

Manisha Mukati says:

Your workout is fantastic thank you 😊

Naina Khan says:

If I 'm not married then is this all exercise right to me???

Barbara Aboagye says:

Nice workout.. And thanks Roberta I now have six packs, Lol. and all thanks to you because of your amazing workout..

tello tello says:

Excelenteee. 9 dias….😍👍💪

Hoque Anista says:

Thanks dear

siddharth kotia says:

Thanks Roberta's gym😊

Huma Mehar says:

Amazing workout I do it from tomorrow…

Zabaida Mir says:

Thanks again! 😘❤️

Preeti says:

Thanks dear .

Manii Maniyaa says:

Itss soo effective 😍Thanks robert😍

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