9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you the best ab exercises to flatten your stomach! These are the nine best moves for getting that six pack! This ab workout will help you burn fat and get your six pack started for the summer! Follow along and let us know what you thought.

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Harsh Shah says:

Try now..for get flat belly

Krutika's World says:

It helped me a lot… Thanks God bless

V Zotae says:

Me: 😱 Look very easy
Let try then 🤦 it's Ok let stop I am so tired 😂

Dm Ber says:

I'm going to do it 😂…….start today……
Until the belly fat will vanish so that I can wear my hanging blouses 😂

Stephanie van der wal says:

Please make more weighted Abbs routines I would be so happy because they give me the shape I need ✌️😃

Stephanie van der wal says:

So funny how you comment when you have the right and left situation because it’s reminding me of my sister who also has this issue 😉love you’re saying it straight out of the heart 💜 #BURN

Ethan Adams says:

Will this burn belly fat without losing weight. Need to know ASAP please : )

No_one_knows_ who_this_is_ says:

I’m eating while watching this😂😂

Riannaleacoots says:

Can't be the only one that loves the soreness the day after. It's addicting wow ok I'm the only one

Jade Cleverly says:

I’ve just started this. It’s amazing. I’m quite a petite person anyway, but since having my second child I’m desperate to lose the baby pooch. Only been doing it one week and already I’ve noticed a difference in my belly. Also feel so good afterwards. Thanks Rebecca!!

Br!tn! H!att says:


aira jane marcaida says:

When I was about to stop and she said "no one's quitting on me" I was like " yeah I won't quit!"😀
But this one's really tough especially at first

kyra with her stuff says:

In how many days can u see the difference..can anyone pls tell here in the replying comments section?

Jaxx Jaxx says:

I’ve tried these exercises and other exercises where you have to be laying down and I need some help lol. I don’t know how to not arch your back when you’re doing certain exercises. It’s just a natural thing my body does but it kills my back and spine. Maybe I’m an idiot I dunno…I am new to working out, that’s for sure….but I wanna be able to do these exercises without it killing my spine. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ivan Petrov says:

Very useful video, furthermore, if you want to know more about how to get six pack, you can check this out : https://tinyurl.com/ycfbpwcm .

Haley’s Vlog’s says:

Day 1: at 13 standing at 132 lb doing the work out did it pretty well!!

Day 2: haven’t eaten much today workout was 5/10 super tired but I went to the scale and was the same still at 132 lb

Day 3: going good did very well today didn’t sweat very much haven’t checked my weight in a bit

Day 4: good today!!! I check out my weight on Friday :3


Day: 6 realizing I am at 130 now!!! Eeeeeklost 2 lb this week!!!!!!


A_Jalmasco says:

im cryingggg i can't do this!!!!

mY NAME IS sumz POWER says:

I gave up after 3 months

София Фомина says:

Iсh muss das tеіlen!!! In nur 1 Мonaten habе ich ganz 14кg vеrlоrеn! Iсh еmpfehle аll meіnеn Мädels Eliхier Zdоrоv, wеіl iсh es nісht mеhr еrtragеn kаnn аnzusеhen, wie sіе sich zu Tоdе hungеrn. Mehr Inforмatiоnen hier vesensys.ru/elixier?v=HrpW5PliIdU

Ishfaq Wani says:



sweetslide21 says:

high key need motivation!!!! 1 like = 1 day of doing this 💙💚

shaikha Bawazir says:

Oh, Thank you that was really good

Madilynne Pate says:

By far my favorite workout video… been following it for a year

cristi perez says:

I will do this everyday and update you guys.
Day 1: Super tired, so far I see no results
Day 2: I am so tired still… no results so far
Day 3: I see no results but I did eat french fries lol. Also I could feel the burn better after doing the exercises
Day 4: Rest day and I ate Pizza lol
Day 5: I was a LOT less tired while doing the exercises. It was much more easier
Day 6: no results but I did eat french fries again lol
Day 7: I think maybe my stomach is a LITTLE bit flatter
Day 8: ugh my stomach got MUCH bigger cause I ate like crazy today. so no results

Holly Stokes says:

This has really helped me . I have chosen a few that I do everyday which people may say is excessive but I have an ab line , I can see my ribs and I have no muffin top all without having too diet .

Kysoboujie X says:

I laid down and got ready but…

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