9 Best Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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To make your tummy flatter and sexier, you have to combine the right routines and perform them on a regular basis, or daily, to immediately start seeing results.

Today’s workout video contains the below exercises:

Leg Drops
Reverse Crunches
Knee Tuck Crunch
Heel Touch
Walk Downs
Russian Twist
Slow Mountain Climber

They’re simple and can easily be done by beginners and busy moms and professionals! By doing this workout for 11 minutes everyday, you can start working your way to a slim and sexy body!

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If you’re ready, let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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Shaju Padinjakara says:

My face is too thin and body very fat please help me

Yamini Priyadarshini says:

Who likes this channel like this comment

Sheilla Chisika says:

Wow fantastic.

Lakshmi MKM says:

Can we do these excersizes after breakfast?


Really ur exercises are very simple and yet fruitful

seow peichyn says:

Gonna try this exercise

celyyn c says:

So excited to try these out 😎

La Nitzi says:

These are awesome I'll be adding some of these workouts to my weight loss journey videos, Thank you!

Gurpreet Kaur says:

Thanku apki exercises se muje bht benefit hota

Prachi prateek Gupta says:

Workout calendar b provide karwaiye

Dheeraj Shirshoo says:

Thanks for this exercise ………

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