8 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Dieting

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It’s no secret that belly fat is one of the hardest types to get rid of – they don’t call it “stubborn” for nothing! Often living in big busy cities, you might not have access to outside running tracks and you may be too busy to regularly hit the gym. Thankfully, there are plenty of highly effective at-home exercises that melt belly fat in no time!

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Exercise #1: Push-ups 0:30

Exercise #2: Burpees 1:26

Exercise #3: Mountain climbers 2:54

Exercise #4: Crunches 3:59

Exercise #5: Sumo squat 5:01

Exercise #6: Sprinter sit-ups 6:01

Exercise #7: Bicycle crunches 7:15

Exercise #8: Forearm plank 8:52

If you want even quicker results… 10:30

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– You might assume that push-ups just work your arms and chest, but they also target and eliminate belly fat, which is exactly what we’re looking for!
– A lot of people dread burpees, but they really are a “must” if you’re looking to annihilate belly fat that just doesn’t want to go away!
– Mountain climbing is a great exercise for your whole body. There’s just one little problem: you don’t always have a mountain around to climb! Thankfully, mimicking the process will also do the trick, burning all that belly fat away!
– What’s a workout without some crunches? This exercise is a true miracle for removing excess fat from your abdomen, getting you one step closer to a perfectly toned belly.
– Sumo squats aren’t nearly as intense as they sound! And more importantly, they do a lot of good for your body, and that includes burning belly fat!
– Just like with mountain climbing, if you’re not gonna run, you can fake it till you make it! Sprinter sit-ups give you pretty much the same results as actual running without being so hard on your knees like the latter.
– Bicycle crunches not only get rid of upper and lower belly fat, they’ll sculpt your obliques too. You know what that means: no more muffin top!
– Planking is the best way to finish up any workout. This exercise targets your entire core and improves your stamina. It’s basically a full-body workout within one exercise!
– Your basic swimming exercise plan should include resistance training, kickboard exercises, water crunches, and some bicycle abs, which is pretty much the swimming version of bicycle crunches.
– Jumping rope increases your stamina and agility, and it’s perfect for targeting any fat on the body, the belly region included! But to get the results you want, you have to follow proper technique.

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Hey guys, what´s your favorite exercise? Mine – plank. Planking is power 🙂

Ans Bekk says:

I have one abb if you know what I mean!

mammu sri daling says:

Delivery ainavallu chesthey thagguthundha

Marta Antyborzec says:


Marc Inglese says:

So if I do 4 exercises in the morning and 4 at night 3 times a week, will it work? Do I have to give up pizza, cake, deep fried everything that my American mate has shown me? Just askin

Brandon .S says:

I don’t exercise but I can handle up to 1 minute 30 seconds in a plank position, don’t underestimate the viewers 😂😂

Zom Yamboz says:

Lol plank is picture and pushups the wouldn't pass for pushups at my grandmother's house

Sibam Gamer says:


chester uy says:

Haha.. Same video for each reps.😂😂

Anjum Bangash says:

idiots, spot reducing can not be done

Pallavi Tara says:

BTW video🎥 is good but the problem is that I am very lazy 😭😢

Todorovic Luka says:

I got Dieting Ad before this video XD

Carlo Joker says:

Say no to fastfood…

Nadaan writes says:

That's not push-ups 😂

Hege Kristin says:

Thanks, i will try this 😃

Paopao Legend says:

Is she okay? 😅


Please make jawline excersice and tricks

Evan Hanna says:

Yoga and Plank

Sharang Charley says:

She only does 1 burpee

NAkanwagi Annet says:

lazy me😂😂😂😋

daniel john says:

Six pack abs workout at home… Pls do check out this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fitness.diet.workout

Semor Butts says:

Lol I used to look st these kinds of videos. They never helped and then I realized that dieting is literally the only way. If you really don’t want to just try intermittent fasting. There’s really no excuse for not doing it.


I have same pink lamp from ikea 😆💕

Imroz Simon says:

I don't need exercise. I need this girl☺

uroosa shahzahi says:

Can do after c section??After How many months will start this?

Sajid Iqbal says:

You want to Lose some extra weight but don't want to exercise try it https://bit.ly/2WpXeFW this worked for me hopefully will also work for you.

Geogy Varghese says:

I am 47 yrs and I weigh 101 kgs. I tried your abs exercise it's really good. But there's less chance of going out for a swim.

M M says:

LOL I just tried these exercises and I could bearly do them. I guess I got my workout cut out for me. Great video. Thank you😊

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