8 Minutes of Non Stop Ab Exercises

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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee demonstrates a non-stop, fat burning ab workout that targets the lower pooch area. This is the toughest area of the abs to tone, but follow along and Kelsey will show you how to shed that unwanted fat in your lower stomach. In just 8 minutes you will be feeling the burn! Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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Shu Cheng says:

Am i the only one who can't do the single leg up at all? i can't keep both my legs off the mate…..

Michelle Cotton says:

The hardest ab exercise I've ever encountered. I am going to try this everyday. Right now my stomach feels like its been hit, I can hardly laugh.

jessica sweeney says:

Fuck it burned

Kelly Kuryla says:

my favorite place to go is Aruba

Go-go Akins says:

She is beautiful and fit. I'm going to try this!

Irina Modoi says:

Love this !

Connor Smith says:

By the end of this my lower abs were just not working haha

Dilphy says:

افضل تمرين 👌🏻


My legs literally gave out on me LITERALLY GAVE OUT ON ME.

Emily Ripps says:

I can't believe you were able to talk during the entire workout. It absolutely killed me. thanks by the way it was a killer!! My abs were on fire🔥But there's no way I could've talked during that workout.

Lyss0624 says:

Kelsey ur amazing, I've been doing your workouts for years and recommending them to many people. You make it fun to work out. You and Rebecca are awesome. My favorite vacation spot is definitely Naples, Florida. 🙂

Aggie Nyagari says:

This for me is more like a 20 minute workout instead of 8 because of how much I pause to catch my breath!! Oh em gee Kel, you're a ninja for not stopping and talking the whole time through too!!

Beverly Tevnan says:

I am going to try to get a flat stomach before WEDDING

Arial Salena says:

amazing i have lost so much weight!ni love your channel so helpful and your funny banter keeps me going and ☺! Thank you keep it up!!

Mishkarma Xx says:

Can you hear me screaming

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