8 Minute Standing Six Pack Ab Workout—-No mat workout for a strong core and flat tummy

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This quick workout uses standing moves (no crunches, no planks, no mat) to strengthen and sculpt your six pack muscles while flattening and tightening your tummy. Great for those that have lower back pain or trouble doing exercises on your back or on the mat. Options for all fitness levels.

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Veronico says:

Workout Done , nice quick ab workout!!

tifitness 1 says:

Thanks again for the very quick ab workout.

amal Alalawi says:


jenjen nichols says:

amazing! quick but extremely effective. I felt my abs the next day!!! ( as in felt them ache not felt them on my stomach I'm still quite chubby hahaha x)

Animegirl's channel says:

Thank you, Amy!

Heidi Tidy says:

This is one of my favourite Standing ab workouts!! Thanks Amy!!

Trifecta Pilates says:

Standing work is so great! I love how it also incorporates balance to the routine.

Evulik 26 says:

Hi Amy,is this workout save for DR?I have a small gab in my belly button around 1,5 finger.Thank you.Could you make some total body workout for people with DR?Thank you.

Madison Edgecombe says:

Should i do this work out every 2nd day if i want to get a strong core?

Pobre Traveler says:

I love Amy!!!

Iamnot Me says:

Love these quick exercise extenders. Great after a run or dummbell routine.

kyle holmes says:

20 min double kettlebell core routine next please!!!!!!!!

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