8 Minute Abs Workout for Women (Flat Stomach in Just 8 Minutes!!)

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Amazing abs in 8 minutes

Welcome to our Athlean-XX for Women Quickies Series. Today we bring you an awesome 8 minute abs workout that’ll help you get a flat stomach in no time. This workout is made up of 4 of the best abs exercises in a circuit that you can easily do at home or anywhere you like.

So grab a Swiss ball or a yoga/pilates ball, and let’s tackle this abs workout.

1) Stability Ball Crunches
2) Stability Ball Rollouts
3) Stability Ball Passes
4) Russian Twist with Stability Ball

If you’re wanting to learn how to get a flat stomach, there’s a two-fold approach: Learn the best ab exercises and healthy nutrition!

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Aasif Andalib Haque says:

Tell me, how can i marry you?

Jems Manzano says:

Oh my gosh I like ur abs

Prinita Beharrie says:

Thanks, this is helping so much

Omar Bubteina says:

Nice! I can show this to my girlfriend.

SmokeAlotmarij says:

Women understand this 😉 if a machine says you burned 120 calories do you really think that this is how much you burned? Burning fat is about putting your metabolism in "fat burning mode regime" which is done through fast paced workouts like these 🙂 go hard

Gerri De Alba says:

This is a perfect workout when I don't have the time for a full workout! I especially loved that all 3 reps were done in the video 🙂 Are there anymore videos like this one for the arms & legs???

Joyrobin says:

This is my favorite Ab workout now. Thank you

Rose Rani says:

Thanks for teaching good exercise we would like to know more keep it up

Amanda Fortenberry says:

So I'm relatively new to Kathleen xx and I love the workouts. But I can't get past round three (can't hold proper form) is it OK to work ur way up like q lifting? Weird question I no lol.

Sandy Larrosa says:

I would love to somebody tell me how to lose fat I mean shrink my whole body I weight 134 pounds, please tell me which one is the most effective cardio and for how long
Please 😌

Alice Bright says:

what if I don't have this ball
or just I don't have a ball

Cherie Holmberg says:

How do you know how many calories you burn from this exercise?

Iridian Sanchez says:

How do you think I can intensify the "russian twist"?

Sarah Nimmo says:

How long did it take you to get in shape? 

88lisie88 says:

Wow! This is so great! I tried it at home and it is good! I can't wait to do it at the gym with enough space to move and do it properly! Thanks so much for your great videos and cool moves!

Yudi Diaz Martinez says:

Thanks for the video!,,, just did the workout,,, 🙂

Ab Workouts & Tips to Get Six Pack Abs & Flat Stomach says:

The stability ball is one of the best fitness equipment to enhance the well-known abdominal exercises. And this routine is really good. Thanks for sharing.

_xyzhaunstoppable says:

Loved this video! Thank you for posting this one, really of great help. It's a bit hard for me since I don't really exercise but I'm so determined in doing this. 🙂 in fact, I'm enjoying even athough my muscles do hurt.

Glenna Frey says:

Thanks for the real time videos!  Love them.  No more stopping and starting …

melony23mj says:

im a new subbie thanks for vid.. wish I had one of those balls lol im doing the other lower ab exercises you went over a while ago I haven't seen results lol im not consistent BUT I do get soar

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