8 Minute Abs – Get Six Pack Abs In 8 Minutes! [HQ]

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http://www.SixPackExposed.com – Windsor 8 Minute Abs Workout.

Have you even wondered how people with six pack abs get them? Do you picture them spending hours in the gym every single day? If you do then you might be surprised to know that having a flat washboard stomach can be achieved in as little as 8 minutes a day. Even you have 8 minutes spare a day, don’t you?

Well if you do and you are determined to get those perfect abs, then read this article in full as we’ll share the exercises you need to do each day. So let’s begin:

Abdominal Exercise #1 – Crunches

Simple but deadly effective. That’s the best way to describe the crunch. Just lie down flat on your back and perform a basic sit up movement. You will start with small reps as you build up to be able to do 50 in one set. Just take your time, making sure that the exercise is done correctly and you don’t rush it. Breathe in as you perform the crunch and the out again as you lower down your upper body.

Abdominal Exercise #2 – Crunch With A Twist

There is nothing secret about this twist. It really is just that, a twist. As you perform the normal crunch, twist your upper body to the left as you pull up. Then release and lower yourself down. The next time you pull up, twist your body to the right. Then release. You should really feel your obliques pulling tight as the exercise is being completed.

Abdominal Exercise #3 – Flat Ab Crunches

This is just the same as the normal crunch but this time you have your legs flat on the floor. Pull yourself up as far as you can and then lower back down again. Try to build yourself up to be able to do 50.

So there you have it, a very quick 8 minute abs workout that is easy to do and can be done from anywhere. No need to go to the gym and no excuses for not having enough time to do them. What are you waiting for?

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