8 Min Abs Workout – level 1.avi

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David Campaña says:

Neck hurts afterwards. Do this twice a week and see results.

YotishmanO says:

*thank you for these exercizes!!!! *

James Riley says:

"Module complete"
At 4 min my legs were just slapping the floor on the way down,
And at 6 minutes I was like a flipped over turtle trying to reach it's back legs xDDD.
Oh man….

AlexMoman says:

fututz rasan guritza

Ömer Aliev says:

Try to not fart challenge LOL

Žan Strnad says:

How many times should you do lvl 1 a day and how many times lvl 2 a day?

Selçuk Diker says:

Guess i belong to level -2

jask uu says:

nice drums hahaha

Real Slav says:

my neck is hurting so much after this

serkan gider says:

I have done 3 weer or 5 week and I have second level HERNIATED DISK problem . Please anybody never do it.
You should listen Dr Stuard Mc Gill.

Ben 3-5 hafta yaptım 2. seviye bel fitigim var. Sakın yapmayin. Ağır Saglam yazin Furkan diye bi kardesin hareketleri var. Dr Stuard Mc Gill diye bi prf var bel omurga sistemi üzerine cok kafa yormuş. onun hareketlerini anlatiyor.Onu deneyin

Виктор says:

Жгёт пресс.Сука!!

Interested!? says:

The last was really hard!

Majd Egb says:

i did this every day for a month and now i have 6 pack any question ask me in instagram @majd123igbary

AJ77 says:

Haha the old unpolite version because theres no black/asian.

tahreer egb says:

Does masturbation affect the muscles؟؟؟

佐小風 says:

8 min per day? or… ? How many times to do it in a week?

Gintoki Sakata says:

Is this only for man ? Can woman do this 8min abs workout ? Someone reply me pls, thank you :'D

snehith chowdary says:

people who did it please commet.
If there is good result I will do it .

CrazyPanda! says:

Why do my bones crack so much when I am doing these exercises?

boom-lavka says:

how many should i go for this to level 2???

Diera Fazylbaeva says:

excellent results!

Vladimer Purtskhvanidze says:

how many time it takes to see result. even small one…

Robson 69 says:

why you all moaning about ? I'm watching this for the 10th time and Is till don't feel nothing

Iliana Toncheva says:

What do you guys do for fastest recover in 30 seconds?

Fitchr says:

Some hurt my back

Yarik zaDinamo says:

Guys, really important question. Do I need to have rest after few days?

Josh Canoy says:

hardgood work out feel drained though

The00anders says:

Really good! Level 1 is hard! For me anyway..Going to do this 3 times/week. Thanks!
(Tiresome with all of you that recommend other sites or videos with nearly the exact same words..  "…Just google it. There you can find .."," This made it easier for..","My cousin" and so on.. And yes,I know I don't have to read the comments.. )

Norm55 says:

do i do this everyday? or should i rest it at least once per week. 

Jamal Ismail says:

great work…….:)

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