7 Minute SIX PACK ABS (Real Time No Equipment!)

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This 7 minute six pack abs routine is a follow along abs workout that will help you get those 6 pack abs! This is a bodyweight abs workout so you can do these abs exercises with no equipment at all except for a sandbag if you want to add some extra weight to your sit ups. For this real time ab workout all you really need is a mat so you don’t hurt your back on the ground.

There are 7 moves in this 7 minute ab workout. You’ll do each of these abs exercises for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest before moving on to the next move in the ab workout. Do your best not to take any rest between the moves in this no equipment abs workout. If you are a beginner and you need to, it’s alright to take additional rest during this 7 minute abs workout if needed. But if you are advanced you’ll want to try to do this real time abs workout without taking anything more than the 10 seconds between each of the ab exercises. If you really want a challenge you can try to do this follow along ab workout more than one time through for a serious ab burn. If you’re looking for a full length six pack abs workout check out our complete MAX/Shred program https://athleanx.com/max-shred

Here are the abs exercises that make up this 7 minute 6 pack abs routine:

1) Flutter Kicks
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Bicycles
4) Side to Side Hip Dip
5) Side to Side V-Up
6) Sandbag Sit Ups
7) Hate Abs

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Becky J says:

Loved this workout but it says no equipment when you need a weight of sorts for one of the exercises.

It was very annoying having to pause the video and go and find something halfway through!

isobel64 says:

Really enjoy watching you and Susan. Both of you give great tips. The last two gives me back pain sometimes, that kind of movement bothers my lower back.

toothgains says:

Wow im severely dissapointed that this channel is tied to Jeff and Athlean-X. Jeff is one of the most intelligent trainers when it comes to fitness on youtube and he knows that there is no reason for women to do different exercises than men. How did he let this happen?


Give me your Instagram id

YDF says:

Great thanks!

Jasmine el fiky says:

Are you using the regular timer on the phone ? Or it is a specific app ?

Anajni Vibhar says:

Awesome…I'm gonna try it on Monday (cozz I'ma get back into my keep-fit regime that day)

heera kannan says:

Was waiting for ur workouts Long time just love you 💛 osum

דריה בן דוד says:

Thank God you came back, we want more from you Melissa:))

Joan E Velázquez says:

I recently had an surgery and can't exercise, but I will be doing it when the doctor says it's ok. I like it!

Alex Pavlova says:

I missed you so much!!! 👍😊

Shelly Nain says:

Thanks… love you from India 😘😘

icehockey1112 says:

What is the app you are using as a running timer

Neera Kori Animals Aid Unlimited says:

Great physique 👏👏👏👏👏

bulischmuli says:

Yaaaaay you're back whoop whoop! .

Deer Diaryy says:

Thank you so much for the inspiration. For this month I'm working on my focus points on my body. And building my core/6pk is one of them. Thanks for the ideas and the explanation on the correct forms on how to do each workout

Fastkitty _LOVE says:

Where ya been Melissa? Amy Jo is the one who just gave birth to a new baby.

Amanda Peterson says:

Hey! You said no rest Lmbo 😂😘 love seeing realness from you. You look like your glowing a bit in this thumbnail. Thanks Melissa.

Amanda Peterson says:

Gotta admit that I'm digging your new take on explaining to the beginners, just the entire feel is different. Good job Melissa! I'm a nobody but somebody who loves Athlean-X(paid app ,YouTube) and am glad to give athlean-xx for women another shot! God bless ❤️

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