7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK GUARANTEED!)

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7 minute ab workout for guaranteed* 6 pack abs fast. Eat right, drink right, and you will see results quickly!
*guaranteed assuming you eat properly 🙂

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Ryan Trahan says:

Could you finish the entire workout? Reply below!
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Thomas C says:

I am going to try this. I’ll let y’all know when I have a “Bangin’ Six Pack”

Jillian Elise says:

Dude you're jacked

Gareth Adcock says:

I've been doing these sets for a couple of weeks now, about 2 times a week and I've only just been able to do it just now. Proper dead!

Good noodle - says:

What?? Why do I do all of these for my ballet classes???? What’s happening

Constipated Nugget says:

Weird flex but ok

Robert Andersson says:

Ooh, so I have to do the exercises to get a six-pack?

Panda Pootah says:

Should you drink a protein shake after or not?

Gabriel Davies says:

No hate but I think the best thing for your abs is your obviously lightning fast metabolism. Try posting an arm workout and then we'll see 😉

sean krinik says:

sooo jeff cavaliere clone?

Chiken Morris says:

This makes me feel sick and my stomach hurts just watching it

CJ Scarff says:

I’m in bed with the flu rn, and I’m like “when I get better I’m totally gonna do this every day” but in reality I’ll probably forget about it tomorrow 😂

джерику says:

Be careful doing this it got my abs and my stomach ache for weeks

Identity Crisis says:

Watching me attempt to do this is an ab workout by itself

Prabjeet Singh says:

1:46 ( just for me when I come back to the video )

Speedy Boy says:

This workout is a little bit hard for beginners i assume doing only 30 sec each then build up to 60 sec

Terry Adamson says:

He looks like Scott Mctominay

Lisa Den Bode says:

Lowkey was expecting him to just go to the supermarket and by a 6-pack 😅😂

Janique says:

really tryna get that 10 minute time stamp lmaoxD

Đại Minh Nguyễn says:

This workout have killed me even though I have a four pack

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