6 Secret Six Pack Ab Tips To Amazing Abdominal Muscles

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If you’re looking to get some six pack abs. Look no further, everything you need to know is right here.

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logan Misky says:

how to have a bigger gun?

asapeiman says:

holy shoulder veins

Aesthetics muscle burn says:

Who else noticed he changed his shirt almost every workout

PixelGunner3D says:

Hoe do u get yhem skde hhandle bars?

King's Gym says:

thank you bro

_MissElena_13 says:

I was doing these exercises while I was watching this video. I'm a girl…😉

Oukil Walid says:

are you kidding with me ? are you serious? do you think that by this way I will have a abs ?

K. Dominique Sahdal says:

thankyou so much for these tips!!

ishani nath says:

these tips are phenomenal. it deserves way more views !!

BeatenWang says:

you guys are awesome!!

Frank MonsterFilm says:

The 5th tip, awesome!

ScottHermanFitness says:

Great tips guys! Get those ABS~!!~~!~~!

matthew wilson says:

awesome abs

tightmikefitness says:

Excellent tips homies

soccerfitnesshacks says:

Damn just damn…

Tyson Dooley says:

Nice cues for how to activate the abs. I know I had trouble with activating my hip flexors and I'm sure many others do as well. Good stuff man!

Aotahi Beach says:

No, tip number one is get your nutrition on point

tillin23-948fin says:

Every time Josh lifted his tank or was shirtless…. 😓😍🍆

prathap umesh says:

both are looking great guys. very good video and well explained.

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