6 pack no short cuts – 4 weeks to a six pack through abs diet and abs training

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I am challenging myself and you to develop a 6 pack in just 4 weeks. No 6 pack shortcuts. Just hard work and concentrated abs diet and abs training.

Shortcuts can often have negative impacts. Cheating on an exam will get you a fail. Taking a shortcut in a marathon will get you disqualified. Taking vitamins instead of eating fruit and veg will lead to a clogged, unhealthy body.

Just like the above, there are no shortcuts to developing a six pack. A low fat diet, plenty of core work and lots of cardio are the answer.

Of course steroids are an option. They will certainly help build stomach and core muscles more quickly, however they come with terrible side effects. Is it really worth never being able to naturally sustain an erection just so that you can develop a six pack slightly faster? No.

You will also find other bloggers and Youtubers pushing pills and supplements that help you ‘shred fat’ or develop a 6 pack more quickly. Not only do these supplements most likely have side effects, but also don’t work. If someone is pushing these to you, they do not have your best interests at heart.

So, here we are. I am going to spend 4 weeks trying to build some abs. No gimmicks, just hard work, clean eating, cardio and sleep!

Here is what I look like on day 1:

I will post a weekly update every Sunday, outlining my progress. I want to show people out there that you don’t need to resort to drugs and supplements to develop ab, a 6 pack and a more aesthetically pleasing physique.

Each week I’ll summarise my diet, my training and my progress. I’ll also answer any questions that you want to throw my way.

As always your input is massively appreciated, and it’s because of my loyal and new subscribers that I keep going.

Rock on, be healthy, be happy and carb up!

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Peter Locquiao says:

very inspiring… vegan here from the Philippines! i made a video to try six packs abs challenge inspired by this video… i also included part of ur video.. thank u idol !!¡!

roger dou7 says:

Looks like a great deal to me

big mo says:

great stuff

Nicolas Feller says:

Man, love your videos. I am very much of a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy too. I always tell my friends that I cannot show them the way around something but I can show them the way THROUGH something. Keep it up strong mind equals a strong body!

LifeIs Great says:

You think a 6pack is possible in 40 days? At 17 and I'm ectomorph

BladeForceTrauma says:

"this is what your average person will look like" > "who eats clean and performs at an elite level" not exactly average then is it? lol good vids man

PFProductions says:

hey bro could you help me plan a vegetarian diet plan for a 6 pack within 4 weeks?

Zukk A says:


Zukk A says:

4 weeks (a 4 pack)

Zukk A says:

I'm 11 5.6 stone can I get 1 in 4 packs

Koos Verhagen says:

Hi, could you tell what you are planning to eat this week (and what not) and what kind of training? Many thanks

William Matthews says:

I've been looking for an core workout for ages and finally a decent video has popped up. Can't wait to try this and see where it gets me

Dr Renae Thomas says:

Umm you look awesome now! Excited to follow your progress! 🙂

The cas calculator says:

Thank you for doing these videos and the videos in the past. You have no idea how much of a help you have been. In the past 4-5 months i have managed to lose about 22kg (from 97 to my long time goal of 75 this morning) and i just finished my third 5k this week (not much, but its a start)(i run in my vibrams of course). Thanks to your help with injury free running (shinsplints are still a bitch, but are getting betther) and correct running form + alot of other stuff on the nett and propper dieting, but mainly your no bullshit way of getting out important information.
I used to be fat and insecure. In the beginning i was to afraid to go for a jog because i was afraid that others would judge me, so i ran in the cover of the night (no i am not batman) in a hoddie(i was really insecure about my body). But now i go for a run at lest 3 times a week in the middle of the day in normal running gear+vibrams and i listen to my favourite music and smile like moron and i have learned the art of not giving a single fuck about what others may think of me. Sorry about the long post, but my weight has been a problem as long as i can remember and i felt like thanking you for doing this 🙂
Steve I love you mate. No homo 😉

English is not my native language, so I apologise for any misspellings. Even though you probably don't care about that 😉

LEEDAQ says:

true, short cuts on 6packs leads to short cut going back

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