6 Pack Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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This is 6 Pack Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere

What’s up guys and welcome back to my channel. As per your request, In this video, I’m going to share My 6 Pack Abs workout with you that you can do anywhere whether you’re at home, gym, park, office, anywhere. I have shared my Top 5 abs Exercises with you that will help you strengthen your core. So make sure to follow the exercises as mentioned in the video. Thanks

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MaybeNextT1me CSGO says:

Do these activities also reduce fat?

Padhiyar Chirag says:

Sir mere lower abs nahi aa rahe to konsi exercise karni chhiye reply me


Nice bro I like your video, from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩,

Tech Magazine says:

Semma brother👏

Sushovan Ashe says:

Bhaiya, 6 pack abs ka proper diet please upload kariye na

Sajjad Regan says:

Nautiyal ur work out I found most worthy and simple which also work most on me. Love from Bangladesh..

Abdurehman Tk says:

अच्छी तरह बोलतेहै आप,बहुत बहुत शक्रिया।

siddharth kshirsagar says:

Bhai aap ka gym routine bta do koune se day me kounse set maarna हे….. 1 week me

z Z says:

Height kya h bhai tumhari

Akash Parve says:

Sir intermediate series ke bad Kya follow krna hai?

Anupam Dixit says:

You look good in big beard ,handsome figure

FK A says:

Thanks bro 👍🏼

Vijay Navale says:

Does it reduce belly fat?

All About Charchha says:

pls make a video on how to lose man boobs at home

Sahota Raman says:

hello सर आप मुझे बताइए रो प्रोटीन अच्छा है कि नहीं

abijith das says:

Bro grow your beard and hair and you'll look so damn hot. Just try it bro you have long chins which is an amazing playground for your beard🧔

Vibhu Rajwansh says:

Brother thanks for workout plan series .. please make a video on diet to follow with this series of workout


Sir kitne bar karne ka hai

rachit says:

Plz tell me if I am a beginnerand under 18 but more than 14 years so is any protine sakes is needed or in protein sakes protinex can be used plz tell me

Harendra Kumar Pandey says:

Make obliques workout

Sk Tanveer says:

17 years gym workout

Ansh kirtiwar says:

Sir I'm a slim guy how much time will it take 2 see the results if I do this everyday ? Nd guys do watch my channel too 👈👈👈

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