6 Pack Abs is nothing! This is a 10-pack – 100% Legit

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The amazing and one and only Mohamed Ali, AKA MR-10 pack.
We posted a video with him and still many people doubt that his abs are real. Well let`s find out once and for all.
Is Mr 10-Pack 4-real??
The answer in this video!!!
Awesome Fitness motivation
Creators Website http://www.robin4life.se
Mr 10-pack Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ifbb_10_pack/

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Tristan jackson says:

Its just genetics

Neltharium says:

It looks like those Hawaiian rolls you buy at Walmart

Ocean T says:

10 pack is nothing let's do 14 pack

shourabh Upadhyay says:

Kon sa protin le rhe ho bhai

Raj abhishek Singh says:

Hey bro kya karne se 10packs abs Banega

YoYo Miamigo says:

I am 11 and have a 4 pack and almost a six pack

Suchapill!! says:

Jealousy is the second most sincere form of flattery.

Tarantoz says:

That´s ugly as fuck

Zoraiz Nadeem says:

You are of goolhassen bro


This is because of genetics

100 K Subs No Video says:

i swear to good i know him.

Hi Bobby says:

I have a 56 pack


I have 360


Yo Yona 006 says:

It's a 8 pack not a 10 pack

Jetr Pelínek says:

Y'all know it's about genetics Right? You can get shredded, but those abs depends on the genetic u skinny fucks

Benjamin Flood says:

You said -100% legit…

xy y says:

I have one sack

xy y says:

looks like an insect

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