6 Pack Abs in 30 Days Challenge – Home Workout

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If you want to get a nice Six Pack Abs in 30 Days by doing a home workout – then this video is for you!

This workout program contains effective Ab and Obliques exercises that are designed to work your upper, lower and side abdominal muscles. They will burn the abdominal fat and give your ab muscles proper definition so that you can get a ripped six pack!

This training plan is designed as a 30-day challenge, which means you have to work out everyday for 30 days if you want to have good results!

So let’s start the challenge together, and make sure you subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts regularly: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Good luck and leave me a comment below the video, tell me if you feel the burn after doing this workout, and what is your total progress from this challenge!💪❤️

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Tsel Bar says:

Challenge accepted🇵🇭
Dec.20 Day 2 ☑️

Robin Turner says:

day 1 complete!
day 2 done!
day 3 ok done!

Easy Life with Bia says:

Why I can't do exercise daily

gurpreet kaur says:

roberta plz suggest workout for me . my weight is 72 kg i want 55kg as soon as possible .

Shalini Devi says:

another great video Roberta.. 💪💪👌

Mariam Tamawi says:

Roberta can these workout help me to lose my belly fat ??

tello tello says:


Pepper And Winter’s Playground!! says:

Too much rest time inbetween

MEGHA G says:

Roberta could u please post for face fat reduction

Fun For Kids says:

Reach through is my favorite

tello tello says:

Muy bien.👍👍

ronak nai says:

Mam mera weight 62 hai aur meri height bhi 5 feet he hai aur meri age 16 hai mam regular school ke saath Mera weight fast loss ho jaye aasa weight loss video suggest karo please please reply me mam

Catiely Fernanda says:

Estou amando

heera kannan says:

awesome. these workouts are different from your previous 15mins abs . going to start from tomw. will come aftr 30days to report the result

Sri Sean says:

Oh my tommy !!!!! Lol 😂

rakhi kajla says:

Can i loose weight ??

Beauty Rashmi says:

awsm effort

bharti mandavi says:

During plank, we hv to gv pressure on Elbow/ hand?

Sebastian Louis says:

Challenge accepted from today# day 1

Chand Pasha says:

Hi mam six pack abs girls b banati hain

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