6 PACK ABS | How To | How Fast?

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6 PACK ABS workouts are great but what is the entire story on how to make them Pop? Great question asked on my Instagram page @paulrevelia

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Let’s talk ab training science, diet and how to get sick pack abs!

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Wannabe Likeyou says:

Bro this is such a good freaking video an u put in clips of demonstration workouts. Good stuff Paul. Can’t wait to get my poppin abs! Cya around 🤨

Ethen Jordan says:

Love your videos. Record a workout somtime!

Citric Big t says:

I can lose weight so easy , but it does not suit me , I’m happy at 14% bf

Riddy Doddiss says:

When you said abs are not made in the kitchen, I disagreed with you. then you said they are revealed in the kitchen, but made in training, I completely agreed with you and wondered why I ever doubted you. Thanks for all the quality content, I've been Binge watching your channel over the last 3 days 😂

vsonic86 says:

Damn training abs 5 days a week with a good diet??? I bet this dude must have bad diet.

c. 1 says:

Paul is the type of guy that can get any girl he wants.👍

Garrett Pike says:

I can attest for this. A little over 2 years ago I competed in a show and my abs didn't pop at all because I only trained them every once in a while, but after adding in rope pull down and other abs variation I can see dinner definition and I'm far from stage weight.

aone1976 says:

I’m 45 years old 5’9” I’m at 16 percent body fat and weigh 182 pounds. I could see my abs but I’m worried that I would have to get down to 170 pounds or less to be shredded and I don’t want to get that small. What can I do to stay at that weight but still get cut? Is that even possible? Would appreciate the help

Burhan Uddin says:

Paul I know you mentioned building up to 5 sets of 12- 15 reps on 2 big movements but is that 5 sets overall or 5 sets per ab exercises e.g 3 ab workout totalling 15 sets ?

B HB says:

This instagram DM literally says the man eats 900g of protein. and 15g of fat a day. Please help this man before he dies.

Harris Gholson says:

Paul will u please check ur DM on Instagram/Facebook from Harris. I want to work with u and get a fitness plan to lose weight. I just sent them last night

SneakerEND TV says:

Workout your abs with weight … and make caloric deficit of course

eroceanos says:

So true, my lower abs are very late to pop… upper abs are allready visible for an eternity, but indeed, the lower ones seem to be at the bottom of the fat-pool. 😬

Trixie Rose says:

Great info! Have you done a video on body recomp? I'd love to know more about this topic.

Just zeO says:

Hey Paul! I really like your content, but i feel like its getting very similar, i can already tell by the title of this video what you need to do.

1. Get lean
2. Train your abs more

I just feel like you have 3-4 videos on "how to get abs" etc.

Just my thoughts

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