6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere | 2018

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6 PACK ABS workouts you can do anywhere if you are a beginner. Try these workouts when starting to build ABS!

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Do you know have any idea for those who don't have a really strong muscle to do those thing? I tried all of them but yeah i can only do 5 twist(russian twist or what so ever) in 45 sec lol.

Ahmed Khalaf says:

Do u mean that i need to do this 3 times more and if yes how much for breaks between the rounds
As i have been doing it once per day 5 days ago and i am very exhausted from one not 4 rounds

damien AG says:

As a beginner how many time a week should this exercise be done ?


I love the way his muscles look normal and not so jacked like some guys .

Flamin Dj says:

From today i am starting

K says:

Omg I came here from a Thinx panty commercial and thought he was a trans man doing a commercial for Thinx underwear. I thought "Oh they must've come out with a line for people transitioning. That's really cool!" 😂 I was so confused when the video started.

Oscar Lopez says:

Finally a video that’s simple but effective. Straight to the point. Thanks.

Grant Hemana says:

Hey guys just did this for the first time and I feel great. I've seen other people do this and I though I would give it a try. So for every like I get I'll work out for a day. Thanks guys

guil tiness says:

Why im I feeling ache(pain) on my back while I do these workouts?

Sharda Dillard-Gordon says:

Who else here paid no attention to anything he said for staring at his beauty

John Brooks says:

To much tatoos man!

Alberto Williams says:

Someday im gonna have a body just like that. Ur hot Chris 💘💘

Javier Coellar says:

I’m about to make these females regret their choices.

Victim Hood says:

Disfigured yourself with those tats didn't ya?

vishwajeet singh says:

Please tell me

vishwajeet singh says:

Please tell me one thing… This exercise do after or before running plss

CraZeY Brody says:

Bro this has helped me so much

Mary Brown says:

New year new me I quit smoking cigarettes after 11 years and I’m focusing on becoming healthier and of course I need a 6 pack ! Great work out video very helpful

Alessandro Principe says:

What if I don’t have gravity…?

airforce brother says:

1= like make me happy and the more like i do for that many days

Snow King25 says:

Who's only doing one round, feeling proud, and then realizing there's 3 more rounds?


Just half as strong as this guy would be fine for me

Abdullah Ahmad says:

can we do after take breakfast

iCombatPro says:

Omg thank you for this workout, you can see my abs but I want them to be more toned so this is a great video plus I’m trying to get a bigger chest so it make everything look good.

E-Le Gaming and stuff says:

One like = one more sit-up each day

Maidex 20 says:

I dont even see him sweat

Sam Uploads says:

9:48 he does the t-pose While showing off this six pack while praying to god

Ahmed Rasheed says:

I have been doing these ab workouts for 5 months and tbh honest these really helped me to get more confident in cardio practice and sports etc thank you Chris and thenx ❤️😌💪 and btw I did get the 6 pack and it did take time and practice but hey at the end of the day they worked

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