6 Minute Standing Ab Workout: A Great Ab Workout without the Floor

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Don’t feel like like going to the floor to give your abs an awesome workout? No problem! This workout will have your core burning big time without ever going to the floor! Make this workout your go-to if you don’t have a comfortable surface to lay on, don’t want to get down on a floor that’s seen a lot of foot traffic, or just want to mix up your ab routine.

For this 6 minute workout, you will be doing 4 ab exercises for 45 seconds each, two times through.

The 4 ab exercises are:

1) Punches – Place your legs about shoulder width apart and twist your upper body, throwing a punch with your arm. Then twist the other direction and punch with your other arm. Your feet should stay mostly stationary, with just a little twist of the same foot of the arm that is punching to allow the body to twist.

2) Front Kicks – Keep one leg planted and kick out with the other leg, focusing on contracting your abs when you kick. Alternate legs after each kick. Be sure you have plenty of space to do this exercise and don’t kick anything or anyone!

3) Standing Marches – Start with both hands straight up in the air and bring one knee all the way up while bringing your arms down, keeping your hands above your elbows and near your body, so your elbows and knee line up, with your knee in between both arms. As you do this, squeeze your abs. Return to the starting position and do the same thing with your other knee, and continue to alternate knees.

4) Standing Cross Crunch:
Knee to Elbow Variant – Bring one arm up so your elbow is at chest height and your hand is above your elbow, and bring your opposite knee up while bringing that arm down so your elbow meets your knee (don’t hit them together hard). As you do this, squeeze your abs. Return them back to their starting point and do the same thing with your other knee and elbow, and continue to alternate.

Extended Leg Variant – Kick one of your legs straight out, keeping your leg as straight as possible, and reach out to touch the toes of that leg with your opposite hand. Alternate legs and arms throughout the workout.

Don’t worry if you can’t kick super high or touch your toes when you do this workout, just make sure you are doing the range of motion that you are able to do and engaging your abs with each move.

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claude cleopatre says:

i just started!!

Hazel Duckett says:

How about adding a weighted vest and using hand weights to burn some extra calories and give that extra push? x

Mélodie Vaseekaran says:

Hw many calories do we burn with these exercises?

Widya Kartikasari says:

i hate you! I still made it tho. but I still hate you. thanks for the video.

Courtney Williams says:

just done this for the 1st time; I’m so out of breath, my legs are on 🔥 & my heart is pounding😅
definitely going to keep this up!

Matt Fite says:

I walk 30 minutes, portion my meals and do this workout at least three times a week. I’ve lost 9 pounds. Thank you Bowflex! I’m feeling great!

Viktoriya Chaplygina says:

super ✌💪👏👍

odilia Ramirez says:

Do I need to warm up before to do it??

Missleigh says:

I like the exercises but I wish he didn’t say every few minutes “this is not easy”. That doesn’t help.

Saz a says:

Wow cant feel my legs lol So I've added this workout to my routine how long b4 I start seeing results

Flo says:

wow i really felt that in my inner thighs!!

Justin Christopher says:

Is this really good abs exercise ? Can i get six pack abs by doing this

Tammi Meeks says:

I do enjoy these workout……

Karen Champion says:

Struggled with this one this morning been doing fine all week maybe cos its sunday 😆

Maya says:

i love this guy…he's so motivating and nice!

kris t says:

Is it okay if I do this exercise at night???

Karen Champion says:

Second one phew its feels good really love how you push us and praise us thankyou.

MyRandomization says:

I found this one works my hip flexors more than my abs.. but that's just me

Karen Champion says:

Just done first one of the year thankyou so quick.

vil dai says:

I played clean bandit while watching this. I did it and I feel great. I’ll keep doing it. Thanks

donkeysnoopy21 says:

How good (or effective) is this workout to flatten a flabby belly?

NooSwaibah swtgurl says:

Hello can we do this like for 12 minutes…that is 4 reps total in one go ??

William Ryan says:

Thanks, I'm adding this to my routine. Great workout on abs, easy to do anywhere.

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