6 Minute Ab Workout

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We all want to learn how to get a six pack. On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start the journey towards getting toned, flat abs. In just six minutes you will get a great ab workout and be well on your way to achieving your goals. And hey, there may even be someone there to motivate you…

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Richard Butterfield Jr. says:

Who else had a boner during this video

Jay McAllister says:

6 minute abs. You all got that idea from that serial killer hitch hiker in "There's Something About Mary" Huh? If it doesn't work will y'all send me the 7th minute for free?

Reema Reema says:

If that hula hoop man didn’t lose .. we would have stayed facing the ground for a long time ..

cat. llop says:

Was the only one that couldnt so the side leg lifts? (3:45)

Tricia S says:

I love the work out…. not a fan at all of seeing some random boyfriend drop in to the video

Sharon Girl says:

I love this!  It's great!  I need these short workouts that I can do everyday!!

I AM JERR says:

Ed Sheeran!!!

famousdeq says:

What hAppened to xhit guys

SolarFan Wings says:

AWESOME thanks so much.

0xygenIsOverRated says:

I said 7 minute abs! Not 6 man!

Artem Lebedev says:

I bought instruction from Unflexal and I learned about workouts.

WhoLetYouGo says:

She is seriously my favorite instructor

Amanda Magana says:

my boyfriend has been doing this and running a mile for 4 months and he went from slight beer belly to visible four pack and getting stronger so i'm definitely dedicated to keep going and get similar results!

mckill85 says:

Me at the end…..Drop the damn hoop already!!!! 😣😣😣

Timo Ba Ta Na says:

This woman is the most lovely person I have ever played eyes upon. But. Her something about her voice…. it just screams of a bad Aussie infomercials..

Lisa Rauckinas says:

you are great! my son does 20 minute abs

sarcasticallyevelyn says:

freaking hate that hula hoop guy.

Nadia McElroy says:

You should add the seconds in the corner like your 5 min ab workout and 3 min ab workout cause it helps motivate me

Munirat Jokomba says:

it dose notwork for me i am 7 years old.

alyssa messina💘 says:

Who else held the plank the whole time w/ her?

Raphael Can Grunert [Raffaello] says:

Another awesome workout, thank you 🙂

Rina Rushiti says:

I do a 10 minute ab workout , a 5 minute one and this workout !! this is my second day doing these !!!! Wish me luck

AmeagLuz says:

I think it is kinda funny that Rebecca's first reaction to a strange man in the house is to hold a planking-contest with him. The world would be a better place if that would be the normal course of action, haha! But nice work, I do these every morning and I really feel the difference and now my mother is doing them too!

Unculturedswine says:

Omg I am so proud of myself I did the whole plank at the end of the vid🔥🔥

CraftyWerewolf says:

6:318:21 if you're curious exactly how long she is UP and then is DOWN. So 10 seconds sort of 2minutes. I'm only on day three of this video and the 5 second ab workout, and a few extra. I'm hoping this helps me quit smoking, and get rid of my momma belly! [i grow keg style too so every send me some good vibes]

Pedro Ferrer says:

I hate it when those random hula hoop people come and try to interrupt my ab workouts.

Eleni Velalis says:

Should you do this everyday? if so, would you see results?

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