5 Tips for Having a Six Pack All Year Long (WHILE GAINING MASS!)

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Inside this video: Learn how to get a six pack. Plus, how to lean bulk (and my lean bulk diet).

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My name is David de las Morenas.
I’m a strength coach & bestselling author based in Austin.
I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday.

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Intro song: JPB & MYRNE – Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion)

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hsa says:

Love that bgm

Nelmar Dayanan says:

Can I have your bicycle 😁?

Earthshod Kuunda says:

Really only 2 leg lifts? I wouldn't have thought that.

Pratik Raut says:

david please make a video on stretchmarks

Alex Fiske says:

Six pack shortcuts you say? Then where's Mike Chang?

Miles Trombley says:

I gotta drop my gut.

Elli says:

thanks david always dope!

Mauricio Vega says:

Why you didn't say that if you don't talk to us in the next video you are gonna be maaad brooo? :<

Hadhoudtn says:

8:45 hahahaha

ImLonelyLinda says:

There's a fine line between being an Alpha Male and being just a plain arrogant douchebag, sorry but you fall into the latter category.

Michael Ijeh says:

Great video! And I was just at Barton Creek mall last weekend! And nice shot at Mike Chang

Will Clemans says:

I started doing planks a few months ago and I see noticeable results, but I don’t have time to go to the gym every day and I’m looking for another workout that I can do at home

Infancinema says:

I am on zero carbs since last year.
And without any cycling I lose fat and gain muscle mass all the time.
You should try it. I feel like that’s the right way To have a six pack all year long.

Have a good one 👍🏻
Phil Flock

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David Matthews says:

Good video👍, when trying to 'bring the abs out' what's the best workouts to focus on strengthen the abs/core & obliques?

MorralesPT says:

Looks like Julia and Beast had a fight…she looks like she "had to" be on the vid.

Joshua Hurst says:

you cant gain mass mass always stay the same on earth some lil physics there

Luiz Carlos says:

I need to return to this video in 6 months.

Kevin Harris says:

This is definitely a thumbs up Video! All your videos are great, David! Thanks for taking time and releasing them.

230594 says:

wow!!! the weather outthere in the moment in wich you go out on the balcony looks like a "Bladerunner" Scene!!!

Epic Math Time says:

Spread pepto bismol on your abs. Thanks thumbnail.

Danny B23 says:

What brand of black hat is that!?

Chris Watkins says:

Big fan bro.. Keep it up.. You and Joe Rogan inspire me..

Doktor Krok says:

0:54 that was my initial problem. I was fat, I've tried to burn fat and I ended up with my abs shown but in another hand, my muscle mass around the body was gone. Then, I've made a clean bulk, I've put some muscle mass always looking for my abs and I've ended up with a muscular physique and my abs showing up as well.

Jack dope says:

Just what I need.thx bro

Benjamin Fairbourne says:

whats your bike!?

videoclipits says:

This may be a bit of a uncomfortable question, but how does sex come into play with getting in shape and building muscle. I mean to put it more bluntly. If im banging my girlfriend 3 times a day and blowing my load, isn't that going to reduce the available protein for muscle building, not to mention other nutrients perhaps? I think I remember reading somewhere that professional athletes that abstain from sex several days before an important competition do better in regards to their performance.

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