5 Simple Yoga Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat – Best Yoga Poses to Reduce Weight in One Week

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5 Simple Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat – Easiest way to get a flat stomach.

Paschimottanasana (Seated forward fold) –
Sit down with legs stretched out straight. Place both hands above in namaskar position. Bend slowly and touch the feet with hands. Now gently bend the head downwards with face resting on the legs. Repeat this 3 times.

Benefits – stimulates liver, kidney, ovaries and uterus, improves digestion, soothes headaches and anxiety, therapeutic for infertility and insomnia.

Supta Padangustasana (Reclinging hand-to-Bigtoe Pose) –
Lie on your back with legs stretched. Lift your right leg fold at the knee and bring the leg closer and to hold the right toe with right hand, now lift the leg and hand together up in the air, the right leg and hand will be perpendicular to the floor. Now slowly bring the leg and hand down relax and repeat this with the left side. Repeat the same for 3 sets.

Benefits – stretches legs, hips and groins, stimulates prostate gland, helps recovery from a cardiac condition.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose) –
Lie on your back with legs bent at knee. Raise your body from the lower back and balance with your feet and upper body on the floor. Bring your hands straight under and hold them and stretch, stay in this position for a few seconds.

Benefits – stretches chest, neck and spine, rejuvenates tired legs, reduces anxiety fatigue insomnia, therapeutic for high blood pressure.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) –
Lie on the floor with face down, place both palms on the floor sidewards to the chest. Gently raise the body up resting the palm on the floor like a cobra rising up. Stay in that position for a while and resume previous position with face down.

Benefits – helps relieve stress and fatigue, therapeutic for asthma

Balasana (Child’s pose) –
Sit in vajrasana, kneeling down and sitting on the inner side of your leg. Your hands in the front leaning forward, now rest your head on the floor facedown. Relax and stay in position for a while.

Benefits – gently stretches hips thighs and ankles, relaxes neck and shoulders, increases blood circulation to the head to relieves headaches.

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Krity Shrestha says:

Can you do this after C-section?

Mayank Agarwal says:

i could not perform either one of these exercises. what do u suggest in such case? @geethanjali

Nimisha Jadhav says:

One hour everyday can melt my belly fat in a week?

Garrett Dumas says:

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Willard Baumer says:

I have browse through some other Yoga textbooks and this yoga guide “zamsoka space” (Google it) stands out to me due to the drawings that is included with the poses. They`re huge and also bright colored therefore it is easy to visualize exactly what the posture is SUPPOSED to appear like. Oh yes and I`m losing weight as well. .

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Tarannum Bano says:

Koi khta h cobra poss se weight loss hota h koi khta h weight gain hota h ab kre to ky kre ham😢😢

Charishma Charishma says:

Unable to touch my head to my feet

Haritha Nandha kumar says:

Hi I need to reduce my belly fat … But wanna maintain the same body weight .. so doin this ll not reduce my body weight rite?

Panish Manju says:


Garrett Dumas says:

In 2017, I made use of this yoga guide "zamsoka space" (Google it) to boost my jogging. I didn`t only shed ten pounds however I did develop my pysique because of the Yoga Challenge where I joined and utilized the handbook as my guide. The yoga lessons, poses and then relaxation techniques are simple to follow even carrying out yoga exercise without the mat in your everyday routine. .

Willard Baumer says:

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Diya Maheshwary says:

एक्ससाइज के बाद अगर थोडी देर सोना हो तो क्या आराम कर सकते हैं क्या

Partha biswas says:

Which time is the best for exercise. Please inform me.

Ameer Majid says:

i can't do this basuri exercise..😣😣😣

Zen Vakil says:

Before few months i did this fr month and ya i got a extremely flat tummy …will again strt dis

Sweet poison says:

Oh my god 😨 . Actually m thin btw my stomach is just not 😂

poornima Karaba says:

Hi mam.. Can I do this yogasana during my period time? Plz ans

Bob Banerjee says:

Please, send me yoga posture. And teach me a complit yoga course..

Fairose basha says:

this videos not explained about breath control while doing yoga , please modify your video with more detail

Star Karan says:

Used Unflexal workouts and learn about it without problems 😉


Nice video keep going.

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