5 Safe Ab Exercises for Low Back Pain (DO THIS, NOT THAT!!)

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These safe ab exercises for low back pain will help you get a great core workout without causing low back pain. And in fact, these ab exercises may even help you fix low back pain if you do them regularly. Lower back pain is a common complaint with ab workouts. Many people experience back pain with crunches or back pain with ab exercises. Today we’ve designed a safe ab workout for people with back problems.

For this abs workout for a healthy back there are 4 exercises and then one additional technique, the vacuum, that you can practice throughout your day. For each of the core exercises try 15 reps. If you are a beginner or currently have a bad back, you can shoot for 1-2 rounds of these exercises for back pain. If you are more advanced, shoot for 3 rounds of these core exercises for low back pain. For a complete abs workout that is safe for your back, check out our Athlean-XX for Women program https://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Here are the safe exercises for back pain that make up this workout:

1) Crunches w/Feet Elevated on a Bench
2) Reverse Crunches w/Flat Back
3) Ball Crunches
4) High Plank
5) Vacuum Exercise

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5ygn4 says:

this ab workout will ruin your life if you have a posterior herniated disc, a posterior bulging and serious sciatica pain down your legs and feet

Daniel Marques says:

The video title is right because you will get back pain if you do this Lol I have 2 herniated disks on my low back and any of this is pain for sure.

Žak Valenta says:

Totaly wrong

Alexander says:

It took me a while to realize that stomach crunches were the source of serious sharp back pain. When I avoided crunches altogether, the back pain got better

Jakob says:

Amy, great video keep them coming. I had a herniated disc awhile back (age 26) and was wondering what else i can do weather it be stretching or perhaps some oblique exercises to prevent another injury and relieve pain.

Flamer says:

st-ups hurt my tailbone… and that's the best ab exercise…

mickey the kinkalow says:

Pleasee!! Can i do it if i have herniated disc?? Im so thin and i allways have problems when i lift weights in gymmy body so weak nd i have some fats in stomack place..i need to know and do some excersices but because my back problem im lost dunno what excersices i do..i need to gain weight by lifting weights, im depressed

Eman Basiony says:

Thanks for this important vid , I avoid all these exs cuz of bk pain

stonephone says:

I shattered my pelvis years ago, have chronic lower back pain. A session of crunches is specifically not what I was looking for.

The Wizard of Chino Hills says:

You look great. Good Philosophy regarding training injuries. I believe I tore my L4 or L5 Disc so I’m trying to heal the Sciatic Nerve Pain in my left hip . Very Slow progress back to 100% because I keep irritating it with either Ab.or Leg work. Nothing’s worse then not training your legs. With a back injury, One is really at a minimum on what exercises they can pick for legs. Thanks for your video.

BravePOP says:

1) 1:10
2) 2:10
3) 3:20
4) 4:20
5) 4:40

B Gowda says:

Nice thank you

OldSchool9690 says:

This is literally every position you want to avoid for back pain. The safest ab excercises for back pain are side planks/lateral movements and standing rotational core movements.

Honghong QI says:

This video is very helpful for me. Thanks a lot

Papli Kumar says:

Hi Amy…I have herniated disc at L5 L4 level..are dos exercises safe to do fr me?.. n I even suffer from sciatica on my left leg vry badly

Shaz the scot says:

Thank you Amy x I had a microdiscectomy a year ago and have gained a lot of weight in my stomach area! I will try these exercises to get myself back in shape 😍👍

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