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These 5 reasons you’re not getting flat abs are some of the worst abs mistakes many people make without even realizing it. If you’re not losing belly fat, or are already very lean but not getting a flat stomach, these are some of the possible culprits.

If you’re not getting a flat belly, alcohol could be the reason. This ab workout mistake just adds extra calories that aren’t benefitting you at all and makes you crave and snack other foods. If you are doing everything right but want to know why you don’t have six pack abs, this could be the reason.

Bad posture is another one of the flat abs fails that many people don’t even consider. You should sit up tall and when you’re walking pull the abs in to help keep the abs engaged. If you’re not getting a flat stomach you might be surprised how much of a factor posture can be.

Perhaps the biggest reason why many people don’t achieve a flat tummy is because of nutrition. If you want to know how to get flat abs, this is literally the key. No matter how many abs exercises and core workouts you may be doing, your work won’t show unless nutrition is in check.

Another of the reasons you’re not losing belly fat could be if you’re not lifting weights. Lifting weights helps you burn bodyfat in a more efficient way so if you’re not getting a flat stomach, starting to lift weights will definitely help. If you’re looking for a complete strength training program to help you get flat abs check out our Athlean-XX for Women program https://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Finally if you’re stomach doesn’t look flat no matter how lean you get, it might be necessary to reduce bloating. One of the abs mistakes people make is eating foods they may be intolerant to or that may cause bloating. Gluten and dairy are culprits for some people. You can try an elimination diet to see if there are foods that cause bloating for you.

Here are some possible reasons why you don’t have six pack abs:

1) Drinking Alcohol – extra calories that you’re drinking that aren’t helping at all, makes you crave and snack other foods
2) Bad Posture – sit up tall, and when you’re walking pull the abs in. Posture is underrated
3) Nutrition is Everything
4) Not Lifting Weights – burns bodyfat in a more efficient faster way
5) Types of Foods or Food Intolerance – some foods make you bloat, gluten or lactose are common culprits

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Meri Dee says:

I wanna have arms and shoulders like yours..

Hailey Wideman says:

I need advice

My stomach is really strong I can even see my abs, but if I eat anything or wear anything where my stomach is showing, I suddenly look a few pounds heavier on my stomach. No exercise or diet helps (i barely have any sugar and have lots of healthy foods, i also have minimal sodium). What should i do?

Flame 5000 says:

Stay away from 🍞 bread,noodles,wheat, & body fat percentage is important

Amrita Kaur says:

Hi Amy…your videos are always so helpful..thanx..just one question..is it ok to do abs workout during periods?

needyhuman being says:

1. Achol
2. Terrible posture
3. Diet
4.not lifting weights
5.types of foods your eating

Sourabh Chatterjee says:

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Sidra Malik says:


Sxpreme - says:

That feel when even the girls in the beginning of the video don't even have the stomach I want 😔 Like is a small waist that hard to get

Byrd'z Journey says:

Thank you so much for sharing this. doing my homework now, on to a healther lifestyle. God Bless All 💞

malikah Joseph says:

Thanks great info.

Madina Vadache says:

How long does it take to get body like yours? I am started going to gym 5 times a week 4 month now .. I am much stronger and fitter but still don’t have muscle def yet ., I am never being so determent and I am lifting 4 days and mixing it up with treadmills , Pilates and so on

Mrs. W says:

Damn! Her arms and shoulders are goals! I’m working on it. Gonna get there soon. Diet has been on point. Lost 165 pounds. Workouts are getting better. She’s such an inspiration.

Louisa Wrench says:

It would be great if you guys could address diaatasis recti too.

Amy Lynn says:

My #1 problem. Beer after work. Ughhh. I know once I drop that out, I'll be well on my way. Already seeing amazing results elsewhere. Today is my first day quitting all alcohol and bettering my diet. Wish me luck!! 🤗💜

Helaha galzari says:

I dont want those shoulders they are good only for men

Wai Yee Chow says:

Why i cant get abs and always bloated although i workout so many times a day and for so long…i do workout at home but i sometimes will skip breakfast and eat very less….I usually eat foods like curry,alot of bread,biscuits and eat very less rice…Idk what's wrong with my body and i'm now 14 years old(have some cheat meal sometimes but not often)

Sheila E says:

Good information…

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