5 Minute Standing Butt & Thighs Workout – How to Get a Bigger Butt – Lift and Toning Exercises

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This butt & thighs workout consists of standing exercises only to help you lift your butt and tone those thighs. It will also help you to get a bigger and more firm butt, answering the question on How to get a bigger butt.

This butt and thighs workout has little impact on your tendons and joints and can be easily performed at your own home. Moreover, it requires little space and no equipment at all.

The workout is quick and effective and consists of one set of 5 exercises, resulting in a 1 x 5-minute workout.

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Joanne Arguelles says:

Omg i love her accent. Cool workout too 😀

Amit Studies says:

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Garlic Girl says:

I like short workouts I can fit in between studying.

Emma Nigh says:

I hate being tall and skinny nothing fits meee

Jasmin_ yates says:

this was very good thanks

jass gill says:

would this exercise help in gaining weight on legs because i got thinner legs .. please answer me

WFPB2016 says:

I love all your workouts. This one is short and effective, just the way I like 'em, thank you!

Donielle Harris says:

the sound is a lot better!

greasebones99 says:

I like the upgraded sound Marischa and the video seems clearer and closer to you which is great! You're looking great too 🙂

M P says:

The new sound is great and the bottom green banner with the exercise name and timer is a nice touch too.  Cute outfit too!

Viet Ha Le says:

The sound is a lot clearer and the title very easy to see Marischa (y)

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