5 Minute Six Pack Workout

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What other muscles do you guys want me to give a full routine for? Comment below! FIVE random people who comment will get a free workout plan! Ready, GO!

Try this at home/ in gym body weight ab routine! Only 5 minutes of your day! No excuse not to get a stronger core! As an athlete it’s extreemly important to strengthen your core so don’t skip ab day!

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Alex D says:

How many rounds do you do, 4-6 and 10 doesn't seem to be much, I usually do either 20-30 seconds or 30 reps

Daniel Pearly says:

Chest in gym with no cables

Laxman 456 says:

Should do an episode about the importance of a good nutrition and how to maintain and support one.

Christian Doran says:

how many times a week should i do this

Carlos Zavala says:

How to lose weight

nick moskovkin says:

Would you say that weighted twisters (holding a 5-25 lb plate) would make a noticeable difference?

Cole Bitner says:

Can you do a workout for becoming more explosive and faster

Hudson DeBoer says:

Lower back in the gym

Root Beer And Chips says:

Can you do a video on working on speed? Great video thanks.

Joey Naze says:

Can u do full chest in gym routine

Tim Kuta says:

Full shoulder routine

Harvester35 says:

Yeah can you do an arms routine for out of the gym at home? I need some at home workouts

Mighty Moth says:

Love juice wrld

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