5 Minute Leg and Butt Workout

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This 5 minute workout strengthens and sculpts your legs and butt and gets your heart rate up for cardio. All exercises are done from a standing position and using no equipment so you an do it anytime, anywhere! Try it on a quick break from work, in front of the TV, outside—anywhere!

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Serena Hyman Hyman Ashley says:

I love all your videos

Nina Ulická says:

Great! Thank you 🙂

Laura Cariolato says:

Bellissimo 🙂 Grazie

Quel Smith says:

I'm starting to do this and I was wondering if there is anyway I can keep my legs from getting super sore

Nada Fitt says:

Nice video, like your channel! 🙂

Mazhug says:

Thank you so much for the 5 minute videos. Therese are perfect for getting in some fitness for a busy day 👍🏼

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