5 Minute HOME Ab Circuit | The Lost Breed

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5 Minute home ab workout we chose from our 5 week ab program available in the link below.

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Chris Townsend https://m.soundcloud.com/ctown_beats

3 Exercises To Help You Jump Higher – https://youtu.be/Hu3MDi_q5ec
How to Dunk w/ Key Exercises – https://youtu.be/Y0vSPDcXMGY
Expolosive Jump Workout – https://youtu.be/rzJt8NfFOUU
More Explosive Jump Workouts (Without a gym) – https://youtu.be/Sgtlesh7LHw
The Highest Jumper in the World – https://youtu.be/EG2kJWKFyGE

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Garon Mower says:

Do you guys do cardio?

KVids 24/7 says:

This is now ONE of my fave vids on you tube now mah doods!!! TLB fam!!! Let’s gooooooooo!!!!

Edgard Roque says:

I really liked those exercises

Monu Singh says:

This workout is straight fire in your stomach, good shit✊@thelostbreed

realarcart says:


pardeep narwal says:

Can you remove full body home work out

Alex Karam says:

the boys are on a grind! supporting since day one keep it up guys

Pado Likho Khelo says:

Lost breed guys you are awesome and very good job doing guys you are all time best i want to increase my sprint i am 15 yrs old please help me guys I am from india.
this is my email guys
please help guys reply me as much fast as you can please guys I have seen your all videos please help me guys please i want to increase my speed please guys reply as fastest you can guys

shariq khan says:

Just found this channel subbed and part of that notification squad! Absolute beasts love the style of training!!

Osn’s Hair says:

Alright I’m going to ty to keep coming back frequently to give you guys updates!

Before starting: about 10% body fat. You can see a little 6 pack shape in certain lighting

2 days in: You can start to see 2 lines separating the middle 2 from the top and bottom. If I flex my abs you can start to see my 6 pack coming on well and if you look closely I’m really good lighting you can see a tiny 8 pack line

trust none says:

y'all got a app

brechado says:

rip your spine with this circuit , very bad :S


subscribe to TLB

Alejandro Gomez says:

The lost breed i from colombia

Eazzy says:

What kind of jacket is that josh got on . It's clean

TheMoShow says:

I still don't understand why they barely have any subscribers

TapInWitJay says:

I would appreciate it if everyone who see's this comment would please take time out their day to click subscribe, i'm just a kid with a dream #TLBFAM

Trevor Owens says:

hey i'm 5'5 13 years old and can touch rim but need a little more height/vert to dunk. any thing i can do to get quick results

Trigga KB24 says:

yoo yall should do a diet video

H B says:

This workout really works

Trigga KB24 says:

I bought the ab program 2 days before they uploaded this lol

Zach Freelancer says:

girls dont like abs. they like big shwangs

Wilson Larios says:

Damn! Abs in 5 weeks, HELLS YEAH im doing this!

Captain Mugi says:

Hi from Switzerland guys ! Jump program now Ab workout at home, i'm gonna be like you bruh ! Keep Working TLB !!

AbdoBaller456 says:

Josh looks like he's in a biker gang with that bandana 😂

Hamburg says:

just wanted to let you guys know that the link in desc isnt working(the one for the other plans)

Fernando Aguilera says:

fur suuuuure doing this for my work out tomorrow.

Beau Soun says:

will you guys be releasing more TLB shorts?

McKenzie Saintpreux says:

What source do you use to know what exercise to do each day?

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