5 Minute Diastasis Recti Workout—Postpartum core workout for Ab Separation

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This 5 minute workout features gentle yet effective moves to help heal and close diastasis recti ab separation after pregnancy.

It is best to get an official diagnosis from your doctor or midwife and work with a pelvic floor specialist or women’s health physical therapist if you are able.

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Monica Sree says:

I have a belly pouch…but wen I check myself diastasis recti their 1 finger gap….why is dis happening to me. Can u plz explain wat actually is…..plz help me

Travelers Warden says:

I think it's cool that you do these specialized fitness videos, as well as your videos focusing on accommodating back issues. Are there recommended exercises for people with whiplash/severe neck+upper back pain? I suffer from these and have no idea how to work out without injuring myself, and your back pain videos have helped a lot in the past.

nickengineroom says:

Thankyou Amy . Your channel is a great workout for Gals and Guys 🙏

sunshine says:

Can these excercise be done after a c-section?

milie derre says:


Lem brim says:

Both you and your angel are amazing 😉💖💗💞thank you.

domtamtidam says:

Thank you!! I am so sad to have this condition! 😭 this will help for sure!

Vianney S. says:

Congratulations on your baby girl 😘

Jayson T says:

She's pretty

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