5 Minute Abs Workout (AB ANNIHILATOR!!)

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This 5 minute abs workout may sound short to you, but with these 5 minute ab exercises, your abs will be annihilated at the end! This is a 5 minute abs and obliques workout with just 5 exercises, but they will work every angle of your abs. Try this 5 minute flat belly ab workout for days when you are short on time but don’t want to miss your workout. We think you will definitely feel like these 5 min abs work your core hard!

For each of the 5 exercises in this 5 minute ab workout, you can choose between doing each once for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest, or twice through the entire 5 minute flat abs routine doing 25 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. If you are a beginner you might want to try the 25 seconds option for this 5 min ab express workout. If you are more advanced shoot for the 50 second option of this 5 minute abs workout. If you are looking for full length ab workouts, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program here http://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Here are the 5 min ab exercises that make up this routine:

1) Flutter Kicks
2) In & Outs
3) V Legs Up & Down
4) Upper Lower Crunches
5) Oblique V Ups

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Labiba Dou says:

I want to know if these exercises burn the belly fat please answer me thankyou

Neelima Pedapati says:

Personally as per my opinion is concerned dat sidewise exercise out in out in isn't working even thou I raised my feet lil bit up 2 get it's effectiveness I didn't feel like m exercising apart 4m dat remaining Al exercises needed some effort 4m my abs..May b its basic level or may b m doing somewhere wrong…

Sania R says:

How many times should I do this in a week ?

ash mc says:

if I have trouble keeping my back fro, arching can I place a rolled up towel for support or would that not work? any tips how to keep my back from arching

thekishore dass says:

you are the best I have ever seen

shrishti singh says:

her shoes…..oh my…

Novelty Furnishings says:


Alisha Simmons says:

This was a real challenge for me. I will not give up and will master this. Thank for the great work outs.

Octavio Quintana says:

She is so hot

amy lafrance says:

I really like these quick workouts… I just moved and I've gained some weight due to lack of time and just crap eating. So these I can fit into my schedule and help get me back on track! Please keep sharing 🤗✌🏼️

amzedJESSS says:

I always look forward to your videos the most. Your abs are goals.

KRC R says:

Great workout, where can I get a ball like that from?

William Abbley says:

Another great workout, thanks Melissa. Grettings from Cali 🙂

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