5 Minute Ab Workout With Weights | Core Workout

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5 minutes of core workouts a day helps that ab to stay! Spend some time on the floor and get those abs crunching. This ab specific workout routine helps tone your abs with simple balancing techniques. If you don’t have weights at home, use water bottles or canned food, every little bit helps intensify this workout.

This is part of our Bollywood Abs: Strength Series which you can access now on our site!

Bollywood Abs is just one of the dance workouts made available for you from Hip Shake Fitness! Your on demand dance workout studio. We are proud to be an inclusive dance community that welcomes people from all ages and all abilities.

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Bollywood Abs Dance Instructor:
Ashley https://www.instagram.com/fitbodybyashley/
Hip Shakers:
Cha https://www.instagram.com/geekcandance

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leylah rodriguez says:

do some belly dance drum solo shimming dances, also old school uncle luke, poison clan, 2 live crew style booty vibrating dances, those was the best dances ever

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